A Couple’s Year in Review (I’m Dating My Husband Series}

A Couple's Year in Review - a Fully Customizable Worksheet for you to reflect on the past and set goals for the future {The Love Nerds}

Two weeks ago, I shared with all of you 14 at-home date ideas. We definitely have not kept up with one date idea a night. First of all, I didn’t even end up getting home on February 1st like I was supposed to from Florida; delay after delay got me in at 12:30 am on the 2nd. We have been making a conscious effort to spend more quality time together thought and we’re having fun working our way through the ideas! We’ve even made “game night” a weekly tradition. Every Tuesday night we’ve gotten into the routine of playing games together. My husband even commented last week how nice it was to have all the tech turned off for a night; I take this as a victory for at-home date night.

One of the ideas I had shared with all of you was a Year in Review night. Cap and I had never done this before, but it is something we have talked about for a while. Both of us have training in education, so I guess we have “reflection” ingrained in us. I couldn’t find a Couple’s Year in Review worksheet, so we had to make it up as we went. As usual, I figure I should share our work with you! Sharing is caring after all – the blog even says so before! :)

The Couple’s Year in Review worksheet below is fully customizable. You will be able to download and modify it so it fits your specific needs. At the moment, here is what it includes:

Years Together: A section to reflect on how many years together and how many years married. Many people stop acknowledging dating anniversaries; we don’t. Our dating and engagement periods are important parts of who we are as a couple.

Big Events: Mark down all the big events for the year, as both individuals and a couple. Try not to critique your partner’s individual big events; if it is important to them, it should go down.

Fond Memories: We realized that some of the events or moments that came to mind wouldn’t really be considered “big”, but they were important to us. For example, we had a really great weekend with one of our best friends – fond, not necessarily BIG. OR, we wanted to more specifically define something we loved about a big event. Big event – celebrating our one year anniversary; fond memories – drinking complimentary champagne on our balcony as we watched the sunset over the harbor. Make whatever distinctions make the most sense for you.

A Couple's Year in Review Fully Customizable Worksheet for you to reflect on the past and set goals for the future {The Love Nerds} #datingmyhusband #marriage #relationships #yearinreview

Our Travels: We may not always have the money to travel as much as we’d like, but we definitely want to remember where we have been! I think this will be especially nice as we get older and can look back on everywhere we have been.

Favorites: This is another area that we thought would be fun for the future. We will be able to look back and see what our favorite shows were or the big movies of that year.

Goals for the Next Year: Setting professional and personal goals for the future is important. It gives us something to strive for. These goals can be varied. For example, read 15 books and take a weekend trip are on ours, along with growing The Love Nerds.

A Couple's Year in Review Fully Customizable Worksheet for you to reflect on the past and set goals for the future {The Love Nerds} #datingmyhusband #marriage #relationships #yearinreview

Other: The other box is essentially my clutter drawer. A place to put something we like, even though we don’t know where it should really go.

I don’t know how reasonable these are, but here are some ideas we had for the future:
-Miles traveled
-Emails sent
-Texts between the 2 of us
-Photos shared on Instagram

A Couple's Year in Review Fully Customizable Worksheet for you to reflect on the past and set goals for the future {The Love Nerds} #datingmyhusband #marriage #relationships #yearinreview

Download your fully customizable Couple’s Year in Review Worksheet!

I still haven’t decided how we will keep these yet. Even with all the technology advances, I think a binder might be easier for me. Whichever I decide, I want it to be something we can flip through. Plus, as our memory fades, we have a fantastic reminder of our life we can flip through. I think this will also be the worksheet we use to make the end of year family newsletters or Christmas cards.

If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to check out the other at-home date ideas!

What else would you like to review or keep track of?



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    What a sweet way to remember your year together. We are really amping up our date nights this year and spending intentional and thoughtful time together. #emptynest :)

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    This is such a fantastic idea! Especially on days where you aren’t feeling that great about your relationship you can look back at all the wonderful things that have happened and what you plan to have happen in the future.


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