DIY Olympics Headband

DIY Olympics Headband {The Love Nerds} #Olympicsparty #Olympicscrafts

I love the Olympics! I enjoy the camaraderie around our team and the celebration of hard work. It doesn’t always happen very smoothly, but I like the idea of countries coming together cooperatively. Then there’s the figure skating, the speed skating, the snow boarding, and the commercials. I really love the commercials during the Olympics! So why not celebrate all the awesomeness of the Olympics with a DIY Olympics Headband?!

1 felt sheet for each color of the Olympic rings
1 plain headband
Hot Glue Gun and Stick

DIY Olympics Headband {The Love Nerds} #Olympicsparty #Olympicscrafts

1. Make the felt puff for each color. To do this you will need 6 circles of each color, measuring about 2″ in diameter. 1 of these circles is the base of the puff. Fold 4 of the circles in half – twice; they will be little pie pieces. Hot glue them down onto the base circle. Then, hold the last circle, put a drop of hot glue in the center, and glue point down so the last one is standing up and filling in the puff.

DIY Olympics Headband {The Love Nerds} #Olympicsparty #Olympicscrafts

2. Place the 5 puffs down in the correct order onto extra felt. Trace around and then cut that piece out. Do this once more time.

3. Hot glue the 5 puffs down onto one of the pieces of felt. This is now your piece for the headband. Trim any extra felt that is showing around the 5 puffs.

DIY Olympics Headband {The Love Nerds} #Olympicsparty #Olympicscrafts

4. Take the other traced piece of felt and glue it to the inside of the headband where you want the embellishment to be.

DIY Olympics Headband {The Love Nerds} #Olympicsparty #Olympicscrafts

5. Glue the embellishment onto the headband and other piece of felt. You might need to trim extra felt showing around the embellishment.

TA-DAH! Now you have a fun headband that you or the kids can wear as they cheer on their favorite teams and watch the closing ceremonies!!

DIY Olympics Headband {The Love Nerds} #Olympicsparty #Olympicscrafts

What is your favorite Olympics Sport?


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