Lovely Ombre Heart Mason Jars

Valentine's Day Crafts: Make Ombre Heart Mason Jars with scrapbook paper and doilies! {The Love Nerds} #valentinesday #valentinesdaycrafts #crafts #masonjars #ombre

I have been loving pink this year for Valentine’s Day Crafts!! When I realized I had some mason jars sitting around, I decided to use them to continue the pink ombre theme. These are very simple Valentine’s Day decor, but I think they are very sweet with the white and pink hearts. Plus, they are temporary decorations, so you will be able to your mason jars again later without a problem. I LOVE projects like that!

Mason Jars
Heart Doilies {mine are 4″}
Pink “ombre” paper
Glue or adhesive squares {to attach pink heart to doilie}
Bakers Twine or Ribbon

Valentine's Day Crafts: Make Ombre Heart Mason Jars with scrapbook paper and doilies! {The Love Nerds} #valentinesday #valentinesdaycrafts #crafts #masonjars #ombre

1. Cut out the inside solid heart from one of my doilies to use as a stencil for the pink heart.

2. On the back of your paper for each shade of pink, trace the heart and then cut out.

3. Attach the pink heart to the middle of a white doily using either glue or an adhesive square. The ribbon or baker’s twine will keep them together; this is just to make it easier for placement on the mason jar.

4. Cut a piece of baker’s twine or ribbon at your desired size. I wrapped mine around 4 times for my desired look and then cut.

5. Put your doily with pink heart attached against the mason jar and then carefully wrap the twine or ribbon around and tie. I say be careful because you don’t want to pull and catch the edges of the doily since it will rip.

6. I wanted to add the pink to the top of the mason jar as well, so I used the top circle piece of the mason jar lid to trace a circle on the back of the pink paper and cut it out. Then I just put it on the top before screwing on the outside ring of the lid.

Valentine's Day Crafts: Make Ombre Heart Mason Jars with scrapbook paper and doilies! {The Love Nerds} #valentinesday #valentinesdaycrafts #crafts #masonjars #ombre

Valentine's Day Crafts: Make Ombre Heart Mason Jars with scrapbook paper and doilies! {The Love Nerds} #valentinesday #valentinesdaycrafts #crafts #masonjars #ombre

While I made this for my series of Valentine’s Day crafts, I also think these would be such a sweet touch at a wedding! How cute would these mason jars be with either flowers or candles in them?!

If you like this Valentine’s Day decor idea, you should check out my other posts! It’s been all about the pink ombre and hearts this year! 

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The Love Nerds' Valentine's Day Decor with Pink Ombre and Hearts! {The Love Nerds} #ValentinesDay #holidaydecor #crafts #diy

What colors do you love for Valentine’s Day? Pinks? Red? BLACK? 😉 


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    These are cute and I love the reusable factor! I love even more than this is simple and not something that may yield a hot glue gun burn…because I have not once used a glue gun without burning myself.

    Stopping by from SITS-thanks so much for sharing!


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