Gold Duct Tape Curtains for a Gorgeous Accent Wall

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My name is Corinna, the blogger behind For My Love Of, and I’m here to share with you my gold duct tape curtains which make a perfect filming backdrop. I have a YouTube channel that I never use and a huge factor in why I never use it is that I’ve never felt like I had a good place to film. I’d love to start sharing some of my home decor hauls and DIY tutorials through video.

Learn how to make a gorgeous accent wall by making these Gold Duct Tape Curtains! {The Love Nerds} #curtains #ducttape #crafts #DIYproject

I spend more time than I’ll ever admit to watching fashion and beauty Youtubers. One YouTuber in particular who inspired me in this project is Evelina Barry. She’s a fashion Youtuber with an amazing film space. One of the walls she uses to film in front of is white with very cool gold painted chevron accent wall. I already have a Southwestern Inspired Accent Wall in my office, so I thought curtain panels that I could pull together would work best for my needs.

The thought of taping out the design, painting it, then peeling back all that tape felt daunting. I just finished a project like that and just wasn’t feeling up for taking on another project like that so soon. That’s when Jenna LaFevor’s Duct Tape Trim Curtains came to mind. I remembered enjoying her project a while back and I knew I could apply the same concept to my accent wall of curtains.

What I Used

7 rolls of Gold Duct Tape, 2 Canvas Drop Clothes, Scissors, Tape Measure, Yard Stick, Marker

How Long It Took

3 Hours

The Process

I started out by Washing, Drying, and Wrinkle Releasing 2 canvas drop clothes. The “panels” were still pretty wrinkly despite being run through the wrinkle release so I laid them out in the most empty room of our house and flattened them by placing heavy objects along the corners. Once they were flat, I used a tape measure to find the center of each side, and a marker to mark that spot.

Marking The Center Point Of Each Side Gold Duct Tape Accent YouTube Filimg Curtains ForMyLoveOf for TheLoveNerds

Once the center point was found, I folded over the side that I wanted to be the top and clipped my rings over the fold. By doing this after marking the center, it created a more diamond shape. I used a tape measure and yard stick to connect center points and lay a piece of duct tape.

Connecting Center Points Using Tape Measure As Guide Line Gold Duct Tape Accent YouTube Filimg Curtains ForMyLoveOf for TheLoveNerds

Once I hate the center points connected, I used my yard stick to create a space between lines of duct tape. The distance used was 1 roll of the yard stick. I did a roll, laid down a line of duct tape, another roll, line of duct, and so on and so forth.

Use The Excess Tape to Hold the Drop Clothe In Place While Moving Around Atop the Panel ForMyLoveOf for TheLoveNerds

I used the excess tape along the outisde of the panel to my advantage and tape it to the floors. The drop clothe would move all over the place as I moved around atop it and taping the edges down like this helped a lot! When I had the design as far as I wanted to take it, I lifted up those edges of tape and folded them under. The corners of the inner diamonds I just snipped to a point with scissors.

Fold Excess Gold Duct Tape of Edges of Drop Clothes ForMyLoveOf for TheLoveNerds

Then I hung them up and stood staring at them with a huge grin on my face. I really like them! I think they turned out cooler in person than I had imagined them!

First View of Single Panel Gold Duct Tape Accent YouTube Filimg Curtains ForMyLoveOf for TheLoveNerds

The ripples made when hung are so groovy. I love the shine that the tape provides and the unique way the pattern catches the eye. I bet this would look cool in any of the colored tapes. Perfect for a kinds room!

Close Up of Ripples of Single Panel Gold Duct Tape Accent YouTube Filimg Curtains ForMyLoveOf for TheLoveNerds

Hanging a Gold Duct Tape Accent YouTube Filimg Curtains ForMyLoveOf for TheLoveNerds

I can hardly decide what it is I first want to say and do in front of these cameras. I’m feeling completely inspired and hope you’ll stop by my YouTube channel in the future to see what happens!

Gold Duct Tape Accent YouTube Filimg Curtains ForMyLoveOf for TheLoveNerds

This is one of many projects I have been working on for my home office. My office is the focus of all my decorating at the moment, stop on by and check out some easy DIY projects like the Southwestern Inspired Accent Wall, DIY Vase Lamp, and Gold Rhino with a Giant Paperclip for holding cute pictures and notes!

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    Duct Tape, Whaaaaa? This is so awesome! I have never seen gold duct tape but now I will definitely be on the look out. Corinna, your office has some really fun and inventive touches! Thanks for sharing at The Makers!

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    I can’t believe those are Duct Tape! Guess I know what else I need to be adding to my craft room supplies, I never would have pictured this working out.

  4. Shauna says

    Oh my goodness, what an amazing and unique way to decorate. I would have never known that was duct tape… ha


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