Glittery Geometric Triangle Lumbar Pillow DIY

Hello! My name is Corinna and I am the blogger behind For My Love Of, A DIY and Home Decorating blog. I’m here again today to share an easy glittery geometric triangle lumbar pillow diy. The customizations are endless, and you don’t need fancy cutting machines nor do you even need to sew. Let’s get this started!

Gold Glitter Geometric Lumbar Pillow DIY - No sewing needed!  {The Love Nerds} #homedecor #crafts #vinylWhat You’ll Need: Inexpensive Canvas Drop Cloth, Iron-On Vinyl, Scissors, Pen, Heat n Bond, Iron, Polyfil/Beads

Start by marking out the shape of your pillow. I chose to make a larger and longer lumbar pillow. The dimensions to mark out to make one this size are 36 inches x 10 inches. The final size will be slightly smaller due to seams, but it’ll still be large.

map out dimensions for pillow

Using strips of heat n bond and a hot iron, attach the front and back of the pillow together. Heat n bond is very easy to use and pretty self explanatory. Just sandwich a piece between two pieces of fabric and lay the iron atop it long enough for the strip to melt. Allow it to cool before moving or you’ll release the bond. Seal the two longer sides and one of the shorter sides and flip right-side out.

heat n bond to make cheap and easy accent pillows

Arrange your desired cut outs of vinyl atop the pillow. The possibilities are as endless as what you’re willing to cut out. Or you can use the vinyl in a fancy cutting machine 😉

arrange vinyl cut outs to your liking

Once you’re pleased with positioning, place a hot iron atop the pieces. I say “place” because moving the iron around atop the pieces can cause them to move. So place it atop  a spot for about 20 seconds, then move to another spot.

sit the clothes iron directly atop the vinyl cut outs

Once the pillow has cooled, peel the protective plastic off the vinyl and fill the pillow case with your choice of filler. I chose bean bag filler as it’s inexpensive and holds it’s shape pretty well.

use a flat iron for the hair to heat the heat n bond for the final side

Using a hair straightener (optional, but I think it totally makes life easier), seal the final side with more heat n bond.  Once cooled, you have a very cool pillow to toss onto the couch or bed!

Gold Glitter Geometric Lumbar Pillow DIY - No sewing needed!  {The Love Nerds} #homedecor #crafts #vinyl


My cut-outs are imperfect and do not match their reflective counterparts because they’re actually scrap cut outs from another pillow I made in a similar fashion. I love reusing the “scraps” and “waste” from one project to create another!

Gold Glitter Geometric Lumbar Pillow DIY - No sewing needed!  {The Love Nerds} #homedecor #crafts #vinyl


Gold Glitter Geometric Lumbar Pillow DIY - No sewing needed!  {The Love Nerds} #homedecor #crafts #vinyl


Do you like the geometric heart pillow there in the corner? I love it! Stop by my blog to check out the tutorial for a Glittered Geometric Heart Accent Pillow. While you’re there, please check out a few other projects! I hope you’ve enjoyed this easy tutorial!

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