14 Notes of Love

I am really excited about this, everyone! I’m even more excited for it to start on Sunday so my husband can start opening his notes. (Bryan… if you are reading this, STOP! You promised.)

14 Notes of Love - Count down to Valentine's Day or a special event with a daily note of love or date night idea! {The Love Nerds}

My blog would make it seem that Valentine’s Day is a big deal in our house, but it’s not really. It’s not about the holiday, at least. My husband and I really like spending time together and finding fun ways to grow our relationship or make the other person feel appreciated. For me, it is acts of service (Bryan going to the grocery store so I don’t have or getting the laundry done when I need it) and little acts of affection. For Bryan it’s quality time spent together and words of affection, so this project is perfect for him!

Plus, Valentine’s Day also comes at a very busy time for my husband in his job. We are both feeling run down this week with work schedules and the dreary winter. It’s at these times where relationships take a bit more work. These 14 Notes of Love is just the fun attention our relationship needs right now!

14 Notes of Love - Count down to Valentine's Day or a special event with a daily note of appreciation or date night ideas! {The Love Nerds}

In coming up with the notes themselves, I wanted a balance between activities together and sweet little notes. I also didn’t want the activities to be too demanding with how tired we have been, so one of the nights is making a box mix of brownies for dessert – a treat for us, for sure, but one that doesn’t take too much thought or work. I did say this was supposed to be fun, not work!


  • Empty Picture Frame (mine is about 16×14)
  • Push Pins or other device you can stick into the back of the picture frame to string the twine
  • Bakers twine or another preferred string
  • Paper in a few coordinating designs
  • Template for Envelope or a mini envelope Silhouette Design (I used #69041)
  • Washi Tape for Envelope closure
  • Sharpie

14 Notes of Love - Count down to Valentine's Day or a special event with a daily note of appreciation or date night ideas! {The Love Nerds}


  1. First you will need to measure your frame and decide how large your envelopes need to be. This does take some basic math skills. My frame was about 14×16 so I could fit 4 rows of envelopes at around 2.5×3 inches.
  2. Cut out all the envelopes and fold them.
  3. Plan out your notes (I made sure activities were scheduled on days we could do them) and then write your notes either directly on the inside of the envelope or on a piece of paper that will fit into the envelope. When you are done, seal with washi tape (makes it easy to open and close again) and number your notes.
  4. Prep the frame! You will want to put some sort of hook onto the back of the frame to tie your twine or ribbon. I used small, clear 3M hooks (the hooks used for holding cords, for example).
  5. Once in place, tie your twine to create the frame you need for the envelopes.
  6. Attach your envelopes. You could do this with mini clothespins if you have them. I just folded the top flap of the envelope over the twine and secured the envelopes closed with the Washi.

14 Notes of Love - Count down to Valentine's Day or a special event with a daily note of appreciation or date night ideas! {The Love Nerds}

Tip: I suggestion writing down the notes in your own calendar so you don’t forget what day is what-  at least the activities. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t plan something over our date night to the movie theatre, for example.

If you don’t want to fuss with the frame and make a decor piece out of the Love Notes, you could easily put them in a mason jar or place one out every day for them to find. It is the sentiment that really matters – NOT the appearance. For example, I did something similar for our anniversary once and it was done on Post-It notes.

14 Notes of Love - Count down to Valentine's Day or a special event with a daily note of appreciation or date night ideas! {The Love Nerds}

Need some ideas for the notes? Here are some suggestions, some of which I used and some of which I brainstormed just for you guys. (In case Bryan is still reading, I don’t want him to know what’s coming. haha)

  • Today I have loved you for NUMBER days.
  • Let’s have a lunch date out this week! Your choice!
  • Thank you for always supporting me!
  • We are ordering in – your choice!
  • A truly special night!
  • Sweets for my sweet! Let’s have a chocolate kind of night!
  • Tonight you get a back rub!
  • A movie date tonight to any movie of your choice
  • Good for breakfast in bed tomorrow.
  • One free car wash
  • A romantic dinner for two
  • One hour of uninterrupted free time
  • 30 minutes of cuddles
  • A night of romantic pampering
  • A weekend getaway
  • One evening of dancing
  • 24 hours of no arguments – no matter what!
  • One late night craving delivered
  • One coffee break
  • One shopping spree
  • Free access to the remote for one night
  • Thank you for letting me be me
  • I love EVERYTHING about you

What is a note that you would include? Is there a special treat your partner would love?


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