DIY Jurassic Park Shirt

Excited about Jurassic World? Make your own DIY Jurassic Park t-Shirt!

Who's excited for Jurassic World?! I definitely am so got a little crafty with these DIY Jurassic Park Shirts! | The Love Nerds

I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am about Jurassic World coming out! I am a huge fan of the series and remember just being in awe of them as a kid. I find it hard to believe that any now adult of my generation did not think dinosaurs were awesome after seeing these movies. Sure, maybe a little bit terrifying, but also really cool. Plus, the new movie has Chris Pratt in it which makes it sounds all the better to me! 😉

I watched all of them again this weekend to prepare for the release. Yes, even the third. That is how excited I am.

Who's excited for Jurassic World?! I definitely am so got a little crafty with these DIY Jurassic Park Shirts! | The Love Nerds

A friend of ours asked if I could make her a Jurassic World shirt like I did for Bryan with the Avengers, and I jumped at the chance! I rarely say no to a crafting opportunity and I wanted to see how detailed I could get with the logo and Freezer Paper. Her shirt is the grey and definitely the best in my opinion. I will be very honest here – this design was more time consuming than the Avengers shirt, sibling shirts or the Minnie Mouse Onesie I made. Just look at all the details. So make sure you set aside at least 30 minutes to transfer the design onto the shirt.

The green tank top is for me. I was really curious what it would look like to take the leftover piece of the design and use it for a shirt. It is messier and incomplete, but I sort of love it that way. Doing this is a great option for getting two shirts at the same time and ironing on this piece of the Freezer Paper was MUCH faster.

Who's excited for Jurassic World?! I definitely am so got a little crafty with these DIY Jurassic Park Shirts! | The Love Nerds


  • Shirt
  • Fabric Paint (I use Tulip Soft Fabric Paint < —- Affiliate Link)
  • Freezer Paper
  • Stencil or Computer Design to cut out (I have included mine below for you)
  • Sponge to apply paint
  • Cardboard to put under shirt to make sure paint doesn’t bleed
  • Iron


1. Cut out your design onto the Freezer Paper. Keep in mind that you will be ironing on the design shiny side down onto the fabric. If you use a different design in the future and it’s symmetrical, it doesn’t matter which direction you cut out your design. It’s the same either way.

However, if you design is not symmetrical like this Jurassic World logo, you will need to think about what the design looks like with shiny side down. When using my Silhouette, the matte side of the freezer paper must face down onto your mat (otherwise the shiny side would slip around), so I have to flip my design horizontally when I cut it out.

2. Remove the access of the design and iron the freezer paper stencil onto the fabric shiny side down. Make sure the iron is set to no steam. If you have any small pieces (for example the letters), iron those on after you get the large design ironed on. It is easier to concentrate on just one small little piece at a time.

3. Put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt and then use a paint sponge to apply fabric paint onto the shirt. Make sure you put on a good amount of paint evenly over the design.

4. Let the paint dry for at least an hour and then peel off the stencil. At the time, you might want to do a couple small touch ups with a paint brush but those are pretty minimal. You might even see some “distressing” on these shirts – I like them that way but you could definitely fill in with more paint if you want.

Because I never want to leave you hanging, here is my version of the Jurassic World logo. I modified it slightly for the cutting it out on the Silhouette.

Who's excited for Jurassic World?! I definitely am so got a little crafty with these DIY Jurassic Park Shirts! | The Love Nerds

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