Halloween Ghost Twinkies

Halloween Ghost Twinkies are a simple way to add a fun, ghostly touch to your holiday!

Halloween Ghost Twinkies - Make Twinkies even better with a spooktacular addition of white chocolate! | The Love Nerds

I decided to give these a try one day when my 13-year-old niece D was home from school. She was getting bored, so why not put her to work? I kid – kind of. D likes getting crafty and experimenting in the kitchen. The majority of favorite shows can be found on HGTV and FoodNetwork.  It’s a good thing we did it together, too, because she actually ended up saving the day.

It was one of those absolutely exhausting days – moving from one project to another before leaving for vacation. I thought this was going to be easy, and then the chocolate clumped. I needed it to flow over the Twinkies not sit in a puddle on the top. As I sat there contemplating the chocolate problem, D kept stirring out of boredom. And it worked!

Halloween Ghost Twinkies - Make Twinkies even better with a spooktacular addition of white chocolate! | The Love Nerds

The trick to making these is to stir the chocolate – a LOT! The more you store it, the smoother and thinner it gets. Once thinned, D would spoon the chocolate over the top, and I would take an icing knife to scrape some of the pooled icing at the bottom back up over the Twinkie. We cooled them and then did it again to get better coverage.

I say this a lot, but these are not about perfection! I like that they all look different and that some have draping evenly and some have it to one side. It was fun to see how they came out differently.

Ghost Twinkies
  • White Chocolate
  • Twinkies - cut in half
  • Round Sprinkles for eyes
  • Little bit of Icing - I use an icing tube I have
  1. Layer your pan with parchment paper.
  2. Cut your Twinkies in half.
  3. Melt white chocolate and stir - a LOT!
  4. Add a little bit of white chocolate to the open cut of the Twinkies and place down onto the pan. Using a spoon, pour thinned chocolate over the Twinkies and then use a icing knife to help bring the thinned icing up over the Twinkie.
  5. Cool once all covered and repeat. Cool again.
  6. Add sprinkle eyes using a little bit of icing to act as "glue" for sprinkle application.

Halloween Ghost Twinkies - Make Twinkies even better with a spooktacular addition of white chocolate! | The Love Nerds

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