How to Cover Cork Tiles in Fabric

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After I created the modge podge letters for my wall, I moved on to the next project for the office: fabric cork tiles. I thought this would be a great way to add even more color to our very white walls, but I also like the idea of being able to post items like Save the Dates, photo booth pictures, and ideas for my shop.
Here are some sources of inspiration, all that have a little different take on fabric cork tiles: Pinwheel and Better Homes and Gardens.
I re-did mine three times though until I found the right fabrics. At first, I was trying to use free, left-over fabric from my mom, but it just didn’t look right with my letters. So eventually, I bought these awesome, bright fabric quarters from JoAnn. You will see older fabric in the tutorial pictures, but I have the final product at the end.
This project is really simple. First, cut out squares of fabric. You need at least .5 inch extra around each side, but there can be more. I used pinking shears to cut them to make sure the fabric didn’t run. I just put the cork tile down onto of the fabric and cut around. Straight edges don’t matter since they will be glued to the back.
 Then, using hot glue, I folded one side over and glued it down. I then folded the corners in before folding over the next two sides of the fabric. Lastly, I folded the last two corners and glued the last side.
This is the back of the cork tile.
At first I thought I would hang them 3×3 as a big square first, but I ended up liking this long look better. Mainly, it made it a lot easier for me to use. I couldn’t reach the top row of the tiles when I used the 3×3 layout over the desk – short person with short arms.
Ignore this bad picture from my phone – taken right after hanging the tiles.
 The new, brighter fabric!
I painted some wood words to match the fabric: Love, Dream, Create, Laugh

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