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I have been spending a lot of time lately working “behind the scenes”, a necessary but usually thankless job. Between keeping up and growing the blog and starting both my Etsy shop and an event planning business, I am constantly overwhelmed. My emotional state can best be classified as fearful excitement.

I find myself going to battle with all those pesky fears of – Will I succeed? Is this a mistake? Should I be finding a full time teaching position again? I don’t think those fears are uncommon, either. Finding a balance between your dreams  and reality is difficult at best. But there is no working Magic 8 ball to my knowledge and I have an incredibly supportive husband, so I keep moving forward and trying to focus on the excitement part.

A little inspiration around me while I am working can’t hurt either, right?! A constant reminder that a change of direction can be a good thing. That I can create a job and business that I love and is hopefully healthier for me. I thought maybe you could use the same inspiration too!

Free Inspirational Print; "Sometimes on the way to your dreams, you get lost and find a better one." @ thelovenerds


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  1. Nancy Davis says

    Love your blog. Sometimes if we don’t take chance we will never know. You are doing at a young age and I am proud of you. Have no doubts just do it. Do you best and you will have nothing to regret. There will be many times that you will have to make a change in directions in your life. The detour or new road will be unfamiliar but you will learn all about it. I have always believed in Changing Directions but mine was due to trauma in my life. I do have a good change now with blogging plus working on opening a graphics blog too. “Rule your circumstances don’t let them rule you.” Sorry to ramble but I really connected here.

    • lovenerdmaggie says

      That is so sweet, Nancy! Thank you so much. I am definitely in need of a change, for a lot of reasons, so now is definitely the time to try. I will definitely be checking out your blog and connecting back with you on social media.

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