Friday Feature: Kleinworth and Co.

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I have been doing sporadic features on the blog for awhile now, and I love it! I love having the opportunity to feature something that caught my eye and share it with all of you, whether that be a project, recipe, blogger, website, or Etsy shop. I know that I feel good every time one of my projects, recipes or events is shared on another blog, and I want to help pass along that feeling to someone else. Give a little virtual recognition for hard work and good ideas. Therefore, I have decided that every Friday I will post a feature for all of you and anything goes in terms of what could be highlighted.

I am certainly coming in a little late for the first official Friday Feature, but some unexpected car troubles delayed any sort of productive work today. The day hasn’t ended though, and I don’t want to put this off another week.

I am co-hosting with Living Better Together this week for her TGIF Link Party, so I decided that I wanted to pick a new blogger (to me) from the party for my first feature. As I was looking through projects, I found that two of the recipes that really caught my eye were by the same person. I started browsing her blog and am so happy I found it. 

Please go meet Gina from Kleinworth and Co! What caught my eye were her two recipes below, but she also has stunning photographs and shoots to get inspiration from and great tips on taking photos as well, especially this one on taking pictures of fireworks.

Kleinworthandco baked churro donuts. featured @ thelovenerdsI cannot wait to make Gina’s Baked Churro Donuts!

Kleinworthandco mini french apple pies. featured @ thelovnerdsOr these delicious Mini French Apple Pies! I am a big apple pie fan, and these individual servings would be perfect for a party.

Again – go check out her blog and give her some social media love!


  1. Gina Kleinworth says

    Well this totally made my Saturday!!!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!! I’m so honored to grace your space for the day.

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