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I am not usually a Black Friday shopper; for me to go out, it has to be something really good. This year, it is all about a new laptop. My own laptop has gone out to pasture and my husband’s laptop (that I am currently typing on), is holding on for dear life. With working as a blogger and online merchant, having a laptop is really important. At the same time, money unfortunately doesn’t grow on trees. I’m growing a business so I want to make sure I am making a smart decision and finding the best deal. That is where Find&Save comes in as it is a fantastic sales app!!

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Find&Save is a sales app that brings the newspaper circulars to your smart device! You can flip through circulars, browse your favorite stores, ask for notifications of sales on your favorite items, and create shopping lists. This is the perfect sales app for Black Friday by helping you plan out your shopping experience. There are no guessing games or hunting down the items on your shopping list on different ads or websites. You can quickly find the best deal on all your gift ideas. Plus, Find&Save is available across all tablet, mobile and web browsers. 

For me, I was able to narrow down a couple computers i am interested in and search those particular computers. Instantly I got the price for that computer in all the local and online stores. If the computer was on sale, Find&Save also told me when the sale would expire so I could properly plan. While I still haven’t decided which computer I am getting, I at least know that I will get the BEST deal.

Even if you don’t do Black Friday, Find&Save is good all year round for anything from food to clothes to gadgets. We don’t get a newspaper, so I love being able to flip through the weekly ads for my normal stores like Target, Joann, and Kohls. It really has become my go-to place to look for sales, and I hope you will check it out!

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Are you a Black Friday shopper? What are you hoping to get this year?
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