How to Add a Fabric Accent on Vases to make Office Accessories

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I have used somed old jars and left over vases from our wedding as office accessories. I wanted to spruce them up a little bit though, so I used the remaining scraps of fabric from the cork boards to add a few fun touches. This was really easy, especially since I wasn’t feeling like a perfectionist for the project.

To make the strips consistent in size, I used a straight edge of the fabric and measured from that, just using a light pencil mark as a cutting guide. Then, I used pinking shears to cut the fabric to help limit any runs and just left the zig zag end because I decided I liked the finish – I also liked that it made the process easier and cut out some steps.

When I used two fabrics together, I first hot glued the ends together with just a small drop of glue. Then, I hot glued one end of the fabric to the jar, wrapped the fabric around (make sure to pull tight), and glued the other side on top of the fabric already glued to the jar.

This whole process is also what I did at my wedding for the vases. Instead of fabric, I used ribbon matching our wedding colors as you can see below on the corner of the vase.

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