Handmade Tribal Mobile

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Hello again!

If we haven’t yet met, Hi! My name is Corinna and I’m the blogger behind For My Love Of. Please, stop by and check things out sometime! Today I’m here to share an easy craft- A Handmade Tribal Mobile!

Handmade Tribal Mobile - DIY Home Decor Idea {The Love Nerds} #diytutorials #homedecor

I’m sure you know, but there’s been a fun surgence of tribal inspired decor hitting the scene. I wanted to make something inspired by this latest trend, but go off the beaten path a bit. This mobile is easy to create and can be made with minimal supplies!


Dowel rods, hand saw, jute twine. Optional: Gold leaf supplies and acrylic paints.

tribal mobile

You’ll need to start off by cutting the dowel rods to the desired length. My dowel rods were 12 inches and I cut them into thirds (4 inches). I knew I wanted to use gold leaf on them so I stuck thumb tacks into an end of each rod to make holding them easier.

allow coats of gold leaf and sealer to dry

To allow the finish to dry undisturbed on the rods, I cut small holes into these little cardboard containers. I had actually started this project with a different intention. I wanted to make a starburst clock but didn’t have enough dowel rods to get out of the nautical feel. Talk about a lucky mistake!

failed project

If I find a solution to my failed sunburst clock, I’ll be sure to update you guys! But for now, while the finish dries on the dowel rods, you can pull out a clip board and about 2 yards of jute twine.

use a clipboard to hold strings taut

Fold the twine in half and tie a knot to create a loop to hang the mobile from. Slip the knot underneath the clip of the clipboard.

use sets of overhand knots to tie the dowels rod pieces

Using overhand knots, tie the dowels onto the twine. I tied them so that the overlap of the knots were on the same side (backside for me) and tied the ends into one ooverhand knot then cut off the excess . If you need a reference for common knots, check out my How To Macrame – 5 Essential Knots post!

Handmade Tribal Mobile - DIY Home Decor Idea {The Love Nerds} #diytutorials #homedecor

I chose to hang mine on the end of one of my DIY Gold Bamboo Curtain Rods. I am completely loving the feel of bohemian decor right now and I feel like this adds a dose of that feel to our living room.

Handmade Tribal Mobile - DIY Home Decor Idea {The Love Nerds} #diytutorials #homedecor

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