11 Days from Home – Our Christmas Marathon

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When my husband and I got engaged, we decided to split and alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas every year between our families. That statement makes it seem like it was an easy compromise, but it definitely wasn’t. It works for us right now though – especially with having no kids- but it also leads to a crazy Christmas marathon.

We are fortunate that Cap gets time off during the holidays; he works at a university so offices close down. This year, Cap was able to take a couple extra days off in addition to his holiday break which meant our “Christmas” started the Thursday before. We treated Thursday and Friday as our Christmas Eve and Christmas which included two friend celebrations, holiday movies, packing, and, of course, our “Christmas” morning. Even though we have never actually celebrated our Christmas morning on the actual holiday, we like our little traditions. In the morning, we make coffee before sitting down at the tree to open presents. Then, we play with our toys – look at them again, try on the clothes, or put our phones in their new cases. I absolutely LOVE my hipster, tattooed Ariel case Cap got me. Presents are followed by a big brunch with mimosas and then a holiday movie (with maybe a cat nap).


Saturday morning, we finished packing up the car and headed out to the Chicago burbs to spend the weekend with my parents. The four of us did a few of my family’s Christmas traditions. On Christmas Even, we go to a movie and dinner so that’s what we did Saturday. We saw Saving Mr. Banks, which I absolutely loved. Sunday morning was Christmas morning 2 with presents and brunch. Then, I was super excited to be able to help my mom out in the kitchen baking cookies and prepping items for the big family Christmas I would miss. The hardest thing for me about switching holidays off and on is that I don’t get to be with my whole family all together – all 14 of us. I don’t get to see the kids be excited about Santa or play games with my siblings. I was lucky enough that almost all the fam popped over during the weekend to say hi though.


Then, Monday morning, we were off to Minnesota, spending 8 hours in the car during snow, strong winds, and lots of drifting snow. We safely made it up to Cap’s parents for a dinner at their house, waking up the next day for Christmas 3. His parents, trying to incorporate some of my family traditions, took us to a movie on Christmas Even. This time we saw American Hustle (my thoughts? great acting; weird pacing). We went to Christmas service and had an amazing dinner at home prepared by my FIL. One of their traditions is to open one gift Christmas Eve night, so we had them open these champagne flutes for us to use with our champagne (another tradition). Then, Christmas morning with presents and brunch. I was having a hard time recovering from all the traveling and was really happy to get an afternoon nap in before heading over to Cap’s relatives for dinner. I really love when we get to spend the holiday with this aunt, uncle and cousins because it gives me the loud, boisterous family holiday I am used to.


We stayed in Minnesota until New Years; it was a lot of fun, but it was definitely exhausting. We visited with a lot of friends, helped throw a family wedding shower, and drove even further up north to see my best friend and her baby. As a rough estimate, we were in the car 25 hours in 11 days! We wouldn’t change it for the word though.

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Did you travel for the holiday season? If so, where did you go?


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