Prom Dress Dreams

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I wouldn’t want to relive high school. It wasn’t bad compared to the horror stories I have heard from other people, but I still wouldn’t want to go back to the teen angst and drama. I would want to relive prom though for the fashion. I didn’t really have a sense of defined style or the confidence to rock a truly awesome dress. Now I do! So whether it was for prom or some other fancy occasion, I would love to go try on awesome evening gowns. Here is what I wore then:

LoveNerdMaggie Prom Dresses - Then and my Dream Dresses for Now

I do still love the bright pink of the dress that I wore junior year, but both are still more plain and stiff than I would wear now. Now I would go for special detailing and/or flowy materials. Here are some that I would love to wear now from JenJenHouse.

JenJenHouse Prom Dress 1


JenJenHouse Prom Dress 2


JenJenHouse Prom Dress 3


JenJenHouse Prom Dress 4


JenJenHouse Prom Dress 5


JenJenHouse Prom Dress 6


If I could tell my high school self something about prom, I would tell her to have fun and to worry less about embarrassing myself. I would tell her it is okay to be a little flashy sometimes and have fun with your style. I would tell her that you can be flashy and stylish without being too provocative, which I think the choices above prove.

What did you wear to prom?


Disclosure: This post is sponsored. However, all opinions and thoughts are my own. 


  1. Sarah D. says


    Actually, I never went to prom…however, I did go to formal banquets…and let me just say, I’m a little ashamed to look back. Those dresses/outfits were awful! If I could talk to my former self, I would give myself advice similar to that which you would give to your past self. Also, I entire approve of your current prom dress choices! All very classic and chic while still being original and fun! 🙂

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