I’m a Finalist in an Essay Contest … And you can help us win a cruise!

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I originally shared this post last week, so if you are seeing it again – No! You are not going crazy. I am still very excited and honored to be a finalist in the Secret 13 Essay Contest on Living Well Spending Less. However, as we all know, technology is our best friend until it just doesn’t work anymore. Due to a technology glitch and votes not counting, voting for this essay contest is beginning anew today!

Some more details for you: A few months back, I wrote the post Changing the Plan to Create the Good Life. It was all about making the very hard decision to leave the career I had trained and planned for because it wasn’t good for my health. I wrote the post for myself because I am striving to be more open about my experiences with all of you. I entered this contest though for my husband and I need your help to give him a pretty awesome prize.

It's okay to change your plan in order to have the good life - Secret 13 Essay Contest Finalist {The Love Nerds}

If not for my husband, I would still be teaching and most likely still be in constant pain from my migraines. As Ruth says, I would have kept my dreams on hold in order to be practical. After all, leaving my teaching job cut our budget in half. His unwavering support is truly incredible – never once making me feel bad for our new financial situation, always encouraging my ideas and vision, rearranging his schedule for blog projects and even patiently waiting for dinner as I snap a few photos.

He has had to make so many sacrifices for my health and my dreams that I would love to give him something wonderful in return – the cruise up for grabs in this contest! I don’t normally beg for votes, but a cruise is a REALLY awesome prize, especially when living on a budget. So please, please, please help us win this trip and go over and VOTE! Mine is the first one on the list. It only takes a second, but you can vote every day!

Thank you so much for your time and your support! I love that I get to share my life and creativity with all of you every day. It’s a fabulous job, and I know I’m currently on the right path!



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