Tips for Creating Me Moments

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You are important and worth investing in, so check out these Tips for Creating "Me Moments". |The Love Nerds #ArtisanFlavors #ad

I was at a blogger conference this weekend and leading up to the event and when I got there, I felt myself feeling like I wasn’t doing enough – not working hard enough, not spending enough hours, etc. I wasn’t growing like other bloggers and should spend even more hours dedicated to that growth. I just wasn’t enough.

How many of you have felt that way? Don’t we all at some point? For most of our society, being driven and pulling extra hours at work is celebrated. You are passionate, committed, successful… If you aren’t killing yourself over your job, you aren’t working hard enough it seems.

Then, I sat there Saturday morning listening to Kristen from Dine and Dish and I was reminded of why work can’t be my only priority. I left teaching to become healthier and happier, and I am. I can’t replace the stress of teaching with the stress of my business. Not only will my body suffer, but my creativity and passion for this blog will suffer, too. Yes, work is a priority and important to me, but so is my husband, my family, my friends and, most importantly, myself.

You are important and worth investing in, so check out these Tips for Creating "Me Moments". |The Love Nerds #ArtisanFlavors #ad

Yes. I said it. I may not always act like it but I am my most important priority. You are your most important priority. If we do not take care of ourselves, everything else falls apart and yet we feel guilty the moment we do something for ourselves. We call it selfish or self-centered when really it is healing, a smart investment, a needed refresher. We need to change the language we use and realized it is okay to make ourselves a priority.

In fact, when I do, not only am I happier and healthier, but I am actually more successful at work because I have the energy and creativity to be so.

I am making a commitment to myself and I think you should, too. I am finding ways to create “Me Moments”. While some of these moments might involve a walk after work or a movie night with Bryan, most of them are solely about me. What I enjoy. What I like to do. So here are some ideas for creating me moments. I hope you will be inspired to create your own list and start investing in yourself – even if it’s only for 5 minutes.

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Schedule Your Me Moment
If you live by your schedule, why wouldn’t you schedule in time for yourself? It allows you to see it as a priority and for your family to do the same. Maybe scheduling it means a set time – a manicure appointment, a baby sitter coming over, etc. Maybe it just means putting “20 minutes of reading during nap time” or a walk after dinner. Schedule it the way it makes sense to you but make sure you have a written reminder that you are important.

Make A List
This was one of things Kristen at Dine and Dish suggested to us, and I loved it. What makes you happy? Not your husband or your kids or your best friend. What makes you happy? Here are some of things that made my list: reading books, browsing magazines, coloring, fresh flowers, a sweet treat, walking around the city, taking pictures for fun, and naps.  Now, when I am planning my “me moments”, I have a whole list for inspiration.
You are important and worth investing in, so check out these Tips for Creating "Me Moments". |The Love Nerds #ArtisanFlavors #ad
Take it to a whole new level and create a “Me Moment” bag, shelf, box, etc. Find a place where you can keep the things you love handy for when you have unexpected down time. Having it all in one place makes it more likely to happen AND less stressful. I don’t want to waste my extra me time by searching around for my new magazine or my colored pencils.
Get Outside
Getting outside is one of the best ways for me to clear my head, especially if I have writers or creators block. It gives me a chance to people watch, smell the roses (literally), exercise, and get a overall fresh outlook. Plus, it makes me feel like I’m actually living and not just working.
You are important and worth investing in, so check out these Tips for Creating "Me Moments". |The Love Nerds #ArtisanFlavors #ad
I’m really lucky to live where I do right now because getting outside means walking around the city. We fondly call my normal walk the “zoo walk”. I walk about a mile to Lincoln Park Zoo, walk through the conservatory, the zoo and the Nature Board walk, and often to the beach, too. Since photography for fun is a passion of mine, I often bring my camera along, too.
You are important and worth investing in, so check out these Tips for Creating "Me Moments". |The Love Nerds #ArtisanFlavors #ad
Lounge on the Couch
This might seem funny after my last tip, but we all need to zone out sometimes. Netflix is perfect for this. Find a new series you want to watch and watch to your heart’s content, or until it asks you if you want to continue watching. This is another way to treat yourself to some R&R and another way to clear your brain. There is nothing like watching over the top drama to put your own stress into perspective because at least I’m not being hunted down by crazy “A”. (Who knows what show I’m binging on now?)
You are important and worth investing in, so check out these Tips for Creating "Me Moments". |The Love Nerds #ArtisanFlavors #ad
I am chuckling to myself over here because that also happens to be the theme of the conference this weekend. Indulge. It is such a perfect word for this post because it means “to allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of”. Whatever you enjoy, ENJOY it. Get lost in it. You are going to be amazed at how refreshed you feel when you do this more often.
One of the ways I love to indulge is with a sweet treat.
You are important and worth investing in, so check out these Tips for Creating "Me Moments". |The Love Nerds #ArtisanFlavors #ad
Since I work at home, I keep a super close tabs on my snacking because I always have food in reach. I really watch the sweets, but every once in awhile, we all need to indulge. I love keeping HÄAGEN-DAZS® Artisan Collection around, especially the Ginger Molasses Cookie Ice Cream, Tres Leches Brigadeiro Ice Cream, and the Banana Rum Jam Ice Cream. These always hit the spot and definitely elevate my “me moment.”
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What would be on your Happy List? What makes a good “Me Moment” for you?


  1. Sarah Marvelous says

    Re; Not Doing Enough – Yes, I absolutely feel that way. It’s a struggle because there’s such a pressure to be an incredibly successful, pristine blogger in every available niche. I have to stop and think to myself, “Wait! Some of these people have to have it not totally together, right? I can’t be the only one.”

    It’s comforting to know there are others out there!

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