Making Wedding Toast Word Art

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I am slowly creating a gallery for our downstairs hallway, and I got the idea to take the toasts from our wedding to make some word art. I love finding different ways to incorporate the special moments from our wedding into our home – without having a wedding shrine. Since I had two matrons of honor and Bryan had a Best Man and a Best Lady, we have four toasts; I took a little bit from each to make this project.

Using our brand new Photoshop Elements (new as in I downloaded the program yesterday), I made one design with the same words and fonts. Then, I played around with the color; color makes a huge impact on the design. I have shared four of the variations below so you can see the difference yourself.

Here are the fonts I used above by line. Almost all – if not all –  can be found by searching on
1: KG Strawberry Limeade
2: Lighthouse
3: Channel
4: Coolvetica
5 and 6: Lemondrop
7: SimpleSnails
8. AA Typewriter
9. Great Vibes
10. Forget Me Not

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