Working Toward a Healthy Head

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Today is the first day of medical leave for my migraines. Bryan is surprised I am willing to share so much information about my migraines, especially since going on leave was not an easy decision for a type A personality like me, but I know that reading the experiences of other people with migraines has been helpful for me. I also know how misunderstood migraines are, so maybe through talking about it more I can help explain somehow what I deal with.

So what am I doing for my first day?
Well I am happy to say that I actually woke up pain free this morning so I have been enjoying a cup of coffee and some silly, partially embarrassing to admit Gossip Girl. Relaxing is not an easy thing to do when you are used to rushing around. I don’t think our society does such a hot job taking care of ourselves so I am going to try my best over these next 4 weeks to take moments to watching something ridiculous or enjoy a cup of coffee or maybe even take a nap.
Later, I think I will be tackling a project for my office. I don’t normally have enough time to try the crafts or projects I am interested in, especially with Pinterest feeding my addiction, so I guess medical leave will also be about getting to do the things I love and interest me. Happy, content Maggie might just lead to a healthy head.
Leave will probably also involve figuring out social media (I am horrible at it) and finally opening my Etsy shop – but more on that later. 


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