Personalized Birds’ Nest Necklace

You all know that I love homemade gifts. It’s not like I don’t like store bought items, but homemade gifts made with personal care and time and are customized for the recipient. Enter this Mother’s Day gift idea for all of you: a Birds’ Nest Necklace. This necklace with 5 pearls would be perfect for my mom as a grandmother gift because she currently had 5 grandkids. Customizing it for her in mind makes it more special because the beads represent her family.

Personalized Birds Nest Necklaces - A simple and budget friendly gift idea that is perfect for Mother's Day, birthdays, or even shower favors! {The Love Nerds}

Homemade gifts can also be budget friendly. I spent about $10 (before coupons) for all the materials for this necklace. $10 sounds great for a pretty, personalized gift right?! But with $10 you can make multiple necklaces for mom, grandmas, aunts, etc. You would never know that you only spent a few dollars on such a sweet necklace, and I promise I will never tell your family and friends!


  • 24 Gauge Wire in your desired color; I bought silver
  • Beads of choice; I bought pearls beads in assorted sizes
  • Necklace Chain


1. Start wrapping the wire around two fingers at least 10 times.

2. Pull the wire off of your fingers and shape the wire into a circle. You will also want to pull apart the form a little bit to make it a little messy. You can even add a few more circles around. Remember – nests are messy so you don’t want this to be neat and tidy.

3. When it seems full enough, wrap the wire around the outside and loop it through. This will keep it secure. At this point, you will want to cut the wire. Give yourself at least 6 inches or extra length.

4. Start adding your beads one at a time where you would like them to be. After adding each bead, wrap the wire around the outside of the frame or down into the nest and around. Taking the time to wrap the wire around will make sure they all stay in the right spot.

5. When all your beads are in place, wrap the wire around the outside a few times to secure the wire. You will want to do this at the “top” of the nest/necklace as you imagined it. Make one of the loops in the middle a little bit longer so your chain can go through the loop.

6. Tuck in the end of the wire and you are done!! The whole process takes about 5-10 minutes. It definitely goes faster the more necklaces you make.

Personalized Birds Nest Necklaces - A simple and budget friendly gift idea that is perfect for Mother's Day, birthdays, or even shower favors! {The Love Nerds} #giftidea #homemade #jewelry Another benefit of this craft?! This is definitely kid friendly. I don’t think my 7 year old niece could make this on her own, but she could definitely help during certain stages, like wrapping the wire around the middle or threading the beads onto the wire. I do think her older sister in 6th grade is coordinated enough to make this necklace though thought she would probably need help with the finishing touches.

Personalized Birds Nest Necklaces - A simple and budget friendly gift idea that is perfect for Mother's Day, birthdays, or even shower favors! {The Love Nerds}


I really love how this necklace turned out! It makes such a sweet Mother’s Day gift but it would also be great as favors for a shower, especially a little bird baby shower. So many possibilities for this project!

Who would you make one for?

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    Love the way you have these places. I make mine centered in the nest and it’s hard when you get more than 4 eggs in there!


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