Fresh Tomato and Avocado Salsa

How did you all spend the holiday weekend? We were busy soaking in the sun. Friday was spent out in the ‘burbs at my parents’ pool with our best friend, 2 sisters, brother-in-law and 2 nieces. Then Saturday, we had friends come over to our place to spend time outside in the courtyard. It was such a beautiful day in the afternoon and so much fun to grill out with friends. I knew we would be waiting to eat a bit later in the day for other friends to join us, so I wanted to make a fun snack for people to be able to much on as we played lawn games. I had a great batch of avocados so I decided to make a Tomato and Avocado Salsa.

Fresh Tomato & Avocado Salsa - This is the perfect summer side dish and you can easily adjust how much kick your salsa has! {The Love Nerds} #summersalsa #avocadorecipe #appetizer

Both my husband and our best friend tested the salsa throughout the prep process, and they said it kept getting better and better. My response – that is what happens when you let me finish adding the ingredients! šŸ˜‰ It was truly the extra lime juice, cilantro, salt and pepper that brought the ingredients together. They are a needed final touch to make it go from okay to delicious!

Fresh Tomato & Avocado Salsa - This is the perfect summer side dish and you can easily adjust how much kick your salsa has! {The Love Nerds} #summersalsa #avocadorecipe #appetizer

You can easily adjust how much kick or heat you like to your salsas. I decided to use both fresh tomato and a can of Rotel because I wanted the added chiles into the flavor. I also used 1 jalapeƱo with no seeds. If you like more kick, leave some seeds in the mix or use another jalapeƱo.

Fresh Tomato and Avocado Salsa
Recipe type: Appetizer
  • 3 avocados - diced
  • 1 can Rotel - original (we like the added spice of the chiles)
  • 1 fresh tomato - diced
  • 1 jalapeƱo - seeded and diced into small pieces
  • ½ of a red onion - diced
  • juice of 2 limes
  • 1 tbsp chopped cilantro
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 tsp ground cumin
  1. While it takes a few minutes to get everything diced up - at least if you don't have a chopper like I don't - this is super easy to make. Add all the ingredients into a bowl and mix!

Fresh Tomato & Avocado Salsa - This is the perfect summer side dish and you can easily adjust how much kick your salsa has! {The Love Nerds} #summersalsa #avocadorecipe #appetizer
I wanted to keep everything nice and fresh throughout the day, so I kept this Tomato and Avocado Salsa in a chiller bowl. If you haven’t seen one of these, they are my favorite kitchen tool! There is a gel inside the bowl that will freeze/chill and help you keep things cooler longer. It is best for outdoor summer parties or for potlucks where you are taking your dishes elsewhere. You can find them on Amazon here (FYI – this is an affiliate link):Ā Fit & Fresh Chiller Serving Bowl with LidĀ They are so awesome!!
To finish our weekend, because I know all of you were sitting on the edge of your seats about what I did Sunday (bahahaha), we spent the day outside AGAIN with books. I definitely got a little burnt. The upside? I am hoping it evened out some time lines for family pictures this coming weekend. I finished the bookĀ Gone Girl.Ā Anyone else read it? The ending infuriated me. Hope you all had a fabulous holiday and weekend!!

What yummy snacks did you enjoy this 4th of July?

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  1. says

    What a great recipe and perfect for the 4th or anytime really! I’m all about Salsa :) Congrats on finishing your book. I can’t tell you how long its been since I have kicked back and just relaxed with a book.:) Thanks for sharing. Pinning :)

  2. says

    This looks so fresh and delicious. Much better than the crappy jarred stuff I happen to be snacking on right now….thanks now mine tastes lousy looking at this, lol.

  3. Kimberly Storms says

    That is something I think my husband would love! I would need to remove the onions for me though!


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