“Adventure is Out There” Coming Home Baby Outfit

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Adventure is Out There feels like the right message for Liam’s Coming Home Baby Outfit!

Adventure is Out There - UP! Themed Coming Home Baby Outfit! Welcome baby home in this adorable diy onesie! | The Love Nerds

I can’t believe it, but we are less than 5 weeks away from meeting our little guy! In some ways, it feels like I have been pregnant forever or maybe that these last couple weeks are lasting forever. I’ve definitely moved into the uncomfortable all the time phase and am anxiously awaiting his arrival. Both because I am so excited to meet him and hold him and because I am ready to sleep on my back again and be able to bend over easily to pick something up.

Adventure is Out There - UP! Themed Coming Home Baby Outfit! Welcome baby home in this adorable diy onesie! | The Love Nerds

Our list of to do items before his arrival has been narrowing down, so I thought it would be fun to make a special Coming Home Outfit for him. If you follow along here regularly, you know that I love making homemade shirts with both paint and with iron on vinyl. They are so easy to make, make amazing gifts, and feel more special because they are one of a kinds. Plus, I could share this simple baby DIY with you and celebrate Bridget Jones’s Baby, too.

Are you guys excited about this third installment like I am? I have heard really great things so far! Plus, I’ve always loved the characters and the timing seems perfect to me with being pregnant. I’m thinking I might even be able to drag Bryan to go see it with me!

Adventure is Out There - UP! Themed Coming Home Baby Outfit! Welcome baby home in this adorable diy onesie! | The Love NerdsI’m definitely Team Darcy though – forever and always. What about you?

You might notice the theme of the shirt doesn’t go along very closely with the movie though. I couldn’t help it. Bryan made a comment to make it UP themed, and it just got stuck in my head. I think Bridget would appreciate the sentiment though if this was gifted to her at her baby shower.

Adventure is Out There - UP! Themed Coming Home Baby Outfit! Welcome baby home in this adorable diy onesie! | The Love NerdsTUTORIAL

Using the Heat Transfer Vinyl is easy, and the box comes with instructions for you as well. You can also download a JPG of my Adventure is Out There design to use for personal use only! Here are the important steps:

  1. When you create the design on Silhouette Studio and are ready to cut, you need to mirror the image. This is important if you want to be able to read anything on the shirt. Also, make sure you select HEAT TRANSFER VINYL on your media options.
  2. You will just load the media without a cutting mat, so make sure you select that option in Silhouette Studio under your mat menu/button. You will want shiny side down.
  3. After the design is cut, carefully peal away the extra. I use my little hook to make this process easier.
  4. Line up your design on the shirt where you want it (shiny side up), put a thin cloth over it (I use a thin tea towel), and use a hot iron to heat the vinyl and transfer it over. You want to press firmly in every spot of the design, not drag the iron over the design. Go over every part of the design a couple times, holding for at least 10 seconds each time. Test by pealing up the plastic: if the vinyl stays down everywhere without pulling, you are good. If not, keep ironing.

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