A Stylish and Nerdy Wedding

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It is easy for a wedding to represent the bride’s style. Years of dreaming plus having the majority of control when it comes to the planning makes it easy for the bride to run the whole show. I wanted to make sure this didn’t happen.

The book theme was already in place after the save the dates, as described in the Book Nerd Wedding post, and Bryan was totally on board. Like me, he loves reading and stories, so he thought the theme felt appropriate for both of us. At the same time though, I knew he felt like it was more me than him and that was something I wanted to fix.

Just like me, Bryan is a huge nerd – he is just raises his nerd flag more loudly and blatantly than I do. He loves comic books, Star Wars, video games, zombies, robots, and Battlestar Gallactica. He still reads his comics and watches cartoons. His imagination is amazing, often outlining elaborate ideas for books or movies. For our birthdays, he got both a Batman sweatshirt from one of my sisters and a Captain America vinyl decal from our two nieces; they supposedly declared they would not leave the store unless their mom bought the decal for their uncle.

Comic Book Wedding - Unique details incorporates nerdy personality while still being stylish! {The Love Nerds} #lovenerdevents #weddingdecor #nerdywedding

Here are the Nerdy Wedding details that were included:

  1. Superhero Cufflinks from Cool Cufflinks on Etsy. Bryan wore Captain America (his favorite), the groomsman wore a collection of other heroes (Superman, Green Lantern, Batman, and Iron Man), and the ushers rounded out the group by wearing X-Men.
  2. Comic Book Panels as Wedding Party Introductions – We knew we wanted to highlight our amazing wedding party but weren’t sure how. I saw lots of pictures on Pinterest that showed a Meet the Party table, and most of those involved nicely framed written descriptions. Bryan had made an off the hand comment that we should put comic books out at one point, and the idea sparked – our version of Meet the Party should be comic book panels.
  3. SuperHero Bride and Groom Peg Dolls – I bought plain wooden peg dolls and painted them as Captain America and Jean Grey. These are our favorites comic book characters and represent us throughout the comic book wedding theme. I had them sitting at our spot at the rehearsal dinner as a surprise for Bryan (along with frosted Marvel sugar cookies). At the wedding, they were put on the head table.
  4. Personalized Comic Book Cover for the Groom’s Wedding Gift –  I decided somewhere along the way that it would be great to have a personalized comic book cover drawn for Bryan as a wedding present, especially since all the wedding party had a character already assigned. This was tricky. I first tried to find a student artist but fell short. Many of my options online didn’t have a look I liked. I found Daniel Burke and worked with him to create the image. He did great work; I would definitely work with him again in the future.
  5. Comic Book Table Names – As I said in the wedding book nerd post, our tables were assigned book titles. These included a Green Lantern and Batman graphic novel in addition to a Star Wars and Bond book. The list of books needed to represent  both of us. As a surprise for Bryan, our table was assigned The Avengers.
  6. Light Saber Archway Exit – As a surprise for Bryan, I planned what is now probably his favorite touch of the wedding: a lightsaber archway to leave the church. With the wedding party and our college friends, I arranged the surprise. I ordered enough lightsabers for them (most of them helping to pay for their own) and had them hidden in the back of the church. It was amazing to see Bryan’s face as they all raised their lightsabers in sequence. It was a perfect tribute to the man I was marrying. They were also of course blue to match our wedding – yes, I do pay that closely to details.

Star Wars Wedding - Unique details incorporates nerdy personality while still being stylish! {The Love Nerds} #lovenerdevents #weddingdecor #nerdywedding #starwarswedding


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