A Year of Change

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Experiencing the very best and worst of life…

On Friday, I shared the hardest post that I ever had to write about my mom passing. Today, I am sharing one of the happiest …

Bryan and I will be experiencing a big year of change! He has accepted a new position at a new school which means we will be moving out of our current apartment and out of the city in a couple months. We have been very lucky to live in a great part of Chicago, and I will desperately miss having the Lincoln Park Zoo and Nature Walk so close to me. I will not miss college students yelling outside my window for a double cheeseburger at 3 in the morning though. The last few weeks we have been apartment searching and deciding which items are highest on our priority list for our next home – laundry is high on my list and an easy commute of his.

Love Nerd Baby Announcement | The Love NerdsIn addition to the new job and the big move, we are also expecting a Love Nerd BABY!!

Love Nerd Baby Announcement | The Love Nerds

Love Nerd Baby Announcement | The Love NerdsOur estimated due date is October 18th, which means I have officially entered the second trimester! I have started to get my energy back and am no longer suddenly falling asleep with the computer on my lap or crawling into bed at 8:30, and, while my pregnancy sickness wasn’t bad at all, I enjoy not needing to eat something every two hours to ward it off.

We are very thrilled to be growing our family and to have a little one to celebrate this upcoming holiday season. It is such a joyful thing to focus on in a season of sadness. We are making so many big changes this year that my mom would have loved.

Love Nerd Baby Announcement | The Love Nerds

So, what about the blog? As I said in my post on Friday, I plan on operating things as normally as possible (though maybe not post as often as I used to or what would like). There will definitely be a couple pregnancy posts or baby DIYs. I blog about my life and about making moments matter, and all these changes will definitely have an impact on content. However, the pregnancy and baby will not be the new main focus for the blog. Expect lots of new home projects or organization ideas as we settle into a new place, and I will always have new recipes to share!



  1. Julie Connelly says

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy & excited for you!! This little one will bring so much happiness to the holidays; at a time you & your family will need it ? Can’t wait to “see” him/her!!!

  2. Rebecca Hubbell says

    I am so unbelievably happy for you and that little onesie is just perfect! You are going to be a great momma and I can’t wait to see all the fun projects you have in store!

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