Why I Chose an Erin Condren Life Planner

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Hi, everyone! A month ago, I was asking on Facebook for suggestions on what organizer/planner I should buy. I have so many moving pieces – the many aspects of the blog, my Etsy shop, other business ventures, tutoring, and, of course, my personal life. While I use online calendars and note apps, I really wanted a paper planner again. I do better with hand written notes and to-do lists, partially because I get an over-the-top sense of accomplishment when I can cross something completed off. I also want a place to easily see weekly and monthly goals that I set, my Etsy orders, and what stage all my posts are currently in.

After lots of researching and watching a sort of crazy amount of YouTube videos, I decided to purchase an Erin Condren Life Planner and I love it so far! I only received it last week, so I thought I would share with you why I purchased it, what accessories I decided to purchase right away, and how it all arrived. Then, after I have used it for awhile, I will send along an update. If you are interested in purchasing your own, head over now through this link and create an account to get $10 your purchase! 

Why I chose an Erin Condren Life Planner for work and life! Trust me, I haven't looked back! {The Love Nerds} #organized #planners #calendars



Super Stylish – They are heavy duty, laminated covers with a ton of colorful and custom designs which makes them stylish AND strong for daily wear and tear. As someone that likes a lot of change, the new planner released this year makes the covers INTERCHANGEABLE! I love the fact that I am not stuck with the same cover all year long.

CUSTOM – You can also personalize your cover. Since the planner is primarily for work, I wanted my cover to reflect The Love Nerds. For one cover, I used the family format to add The Love Nerds and a list of the blog’s themes underneath (instead of family member names). On the second cover, I chose the letter “m” for Maggie and added “Lovenerdmaggie” into the letter.

Why I chose and LOVE the Erin Condren Life Planner for my personal and work life! {The Love Nerds} #organized #planners #calendars

Fun Quotes and Designs – I don’t want a boring calendar.  I want it to be colorful and fun to use. The Life Planner has fabulous designs and bright colors, plus inspirational quotes throughout for some extra motivation. So maybe they won’t really motivate, but they definitely make the planner more fun and create a unique look.

The Calendar Portion – There are laminated tabs for each month, which brings you to a two-page spread. This spread also has a notes section to the side which I like because I am going to use it for monthly goals and objectives. Weekly spreads are divided into morning, day and night – which I will probably use for blog, Etsy and other. There is also a space at the bottom for meal planning, lists or exercise plans – if you know me, I definitely won’t be using it for that last one! Again, there is a lined list section on this spread as well.

Why I chose and LOVE the Erin Condren Life Planner for my personal and work life! {The Love Nerds} #organized #planners #calendars

Clear, Snap-in Ruler – They provide you a clear ruler to snap in which will hold a place for you. As a crafter, I also like having a ruler constantly available.

Awesome Notes Section – There are over 25 lined and designer blank pages for notes. I want room to write my thoughts and ideas, so this was definitely a selling point for the Life Planner.

DOUBLE-sided Pocket – There is a pocket at the back which is great for receipts, loose notes or recipes.

ZIP-LOCK Pocket – Not only do you have a pocket folder, but there is also a sealable pocket. I will probably use this for pens, stamps, and a couple blank cards to have on hand.

Removable Calendar for Important Events – Instead of always needing to switch over every birthday and anniversary, Erin Condren has now included a small, removable calendar for this purpose. When I need to buy a new Life Planner, I will be able to just move this over and save time!

240 colorful stickers to highlight birthdays, special events and reminders – These come with each planner, and I love them to highlight important things on the monthly spreads. There is also an option to buy customizable stickers which I am considering. For example, I could buy stickers for the blog that say recipe, craft, or sponsored post and I could buy one for Etsy that says ORDER DUE.

Why I chose and LOVE the Erin Condren Life Planner for my personal and work life! {The Love Nerds} #organized #planners #calendars


When I bought my Life Planner, I chose to buy only a few accessories to start. There are others I am interested in and will tell you about, but I wanted time to figure out how I was going to use my planner before buying more items. I chose the pen holder, the coil clips, and the elastic bands.

Why I chose and LOVE the Erin Condren Life Planner for my personal and work life! {The Love Nerds} #organized #planners #calendars

Pen Holder – The pen holder is adhesive, and most people used to attach it to the back cover, but now that covers are interchangeable, you would need to buy one for every cover. To get around this, I’m going to try t0 attach it to the pocket folder.

Coil Clips – The coil clips have adhesive, so you can attach an invitation or photo to the holder and then place right into the Life Planner. I love this for invites because you can directly add it to the week or month you need it for with directions and info right there at your fingertips.

Elastic Band – The Platinum/Gold Life Planners – which are gorgeous, but wasn’t worth the extra money for me – comes with one already. I still wanted one to keep the planner closed or save an extra spot in the planner as I worked, so I bought a set of 3.

FREE Gift Labels – your planner will come with fun gift label stickers as well as coordinating stickers to your cover. They are a fun bonus, but you can also buy more.

Why I chose and LOVE the Erin Condren Life Planner for my personal and work life! {The Love Nerds} #organized #planners #calendars2

Other accessories I want – photo stickers to mark birthdays and other special occasions, custom event stickers for the business and personal life, a cover with photos for my most recent family pictures, and a coordinating notepad.


I was really happy with how everything arrived – it was wrapped up nicely in tissue paper with bubble wrap to keep everything in place. I was really happy to see that extra care was taken to keep everything protected for arrival. Plus the box was super cute as should be expected with Erin Condren.

Why I chose and LOVE the Erin Condren Life Planner for my personal and work life! {The Love Nerds} #organized #planners #calendars

On a larger note about Erin Condren, they also sell teacher planners, wedding planners, family notepads for things like meal planning, chores, and daily family activities, address books, and much, much more! You will want to head over to see all the options. PLUS, if you create an account using this link, you will receive $10 your purchase!


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