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Sometimes you just want a letter wall decor as a statement piece without the added price for making them pretty or the struggle of finding wants to match your home decor, which is why I’m sharing these DIY wall letters! They make the perfect addition to your nursery, home office, classroom or playroom! 
Sometimes you just want a letter wall decor as a statement piece without the added price for making them pretty or the struggle of finding wants to match your home decor, which is why I'm sharing these DIY wall letters! They make the perfect addition to your nursery, home office, classroom or playroom! 

 Make custom large letters for your Wall with Simple Tools and Easy DIY Process!

In the first 8 months of our marriage, we moved a total of 5 times. In some ways, I had the whole moving thing down: what to pack together, the nook and crannies to use for breakable items, how to best label boxes {which involves not letting Bryan do that job}, and what boxes need to unpacked first. In other ways, you are never prepared. By the time we settled into the 5th place and our home for four years, I had zero motivation to decorate until about 5 months in when I decided my office needed a decorative letters on my wall.
This letter wall decor was my first home projects since having my own place, and the first project I ever shared on this blog almost 5 years ago! It is continually one of my most popular diy projects. We didn’t have space for this letter wall in our current apartment after we moved, but I still have the letter L-O-V-E on my bookcase as a keepsake.
The apartment I made these large letters for was part of campus housing due to my husband’s job in student affairs, which means we were stuck with white walls. I’ve come to love white in decor, especially white kitchens, but I need color in my life. These DIY letters were a great option for apartment decor because it added a great pop of color to stark white walls and could easily be hung up without permanent holes in the wall. A big win win for apartment dwellers or less than savvy home dwellers, too. No one likes having to patch walls.
We are beginning to talk about houses and finding a place where we can really get settled as a family, and I definitely have plans to make a new wall letters. This time I’m thinking colorful wall decor for a playroom. Wouldn’t that be so sweet? Or maybe new nursery decor when we decide to add to our family?
How to Make Large Letters for Wall Decor - These diy letters require s simple crafting process without the need for expensive tools but make a big impact! Gorgeous wall decor your will love!


First you will need to decide which type of letters you would like to use for your letter wall: paper mache letters or wood letters. If you are decorating letters to sit on a shelf and not a wall or to be a new baby gift keepsake, I recommend wood; they are sturdier and will hold up over time better. If you are going to solely use these DIY letters to hang up on a wall, then paper mache is usually a less expensive option and will work just fine. I bought them slowly from Michaels when they were on sale or when I had a coupon.
Making these letters is a slightly time consuming DIY project, but it is also a simple DIY project. I truly believe everyone can make this letter wall decor.



  1. If you are going to paint your paper mache letters, do this first! I didn’t like seeing the brown paper mache on the sides, so I painted all my letters with white paint first. You will want to paint the entire letter, because otherwise you will see a color difference under the paper and where your side paint stops and ends. Let them completely dry overnight before attempting the next step.
  2. Decide which paper you want to use for your letters and which order you want them to show on the wall. When I thought I knew, I cut out all my paper into 9×9 squares (bigger than any of my 8″ letter) and laid them out as they would appear on my wall. I wanted to visually see what it would look like.
  3. Once ready, place each letter flipped backwards onto the back of the paper and trace any outside edges. When tracing, don’t angle in your pencil and hug the letter too closely or you will cut out your paper too small.
  4. Cut the outside shape of the letters using scissors. I recommend sticking right to the outside of the lines you traced. It is easy to trim the letters later.
  5. After you cut the outside shape, place all of the letter shapes onto your paper mache letters. It’s a nice last check to make sure you are happy with the distribution of the paper designs before adhering the paper to the letters.
  6. Using a precision blade and a cutting board, cut out any inside parts of letters, like the A, B, and Q.
  7. Put a medium, consistent layer of Mod Podge on the top of the letter using a paint brush. Line up the paper onto of the letter, and slowly rub the rest of the letter down. I recommend starting at either the top or the bottom of the letter and slowly rubbing the paper on to prevent air bubbles or folds in the paper. Then, allow the letters to dry completely before touching them further.
  8. After your letters are dry, first check for any letters that need trimming. Use your precision blade and cutting board to trim off scrapbook paper that is overhanging your letter.
  9. Then it’s time for more Mod Podge. First check the edges of each letter; if the paper is coming up on the edges at all, put a little Mod Podge under the paper and press down for a minute. Then, put a thin layer of Mod Podge on top of each letter. The Mod Podge will be white at first, but it will dry clear. Let dry for at least an hour.

Make a Big Impact in your Home Decor with these DIY Wall Letters! These decorative paper mache or wood letters are easy to customize for your gallery wall, office, nursery, or playroom.


Since we were apartment living and because I’m obsessed with 3M, I used a pair of 3M Velcro Hangers for each letter. The letters are super light, so a pair of small hangers will work great.
Why do  I love 3M Velcro Hangers
  1. They are so easy to use. There is no need to measure or guess where the nail needs to be to catch the hanger included, which is especially tricky if it’s a wire hanger.
  2. It’s easy to make adjustments after they’re up on the wall. I hate putting a hole in an apartment wall just to realize it’s hanging wrong and I have to do it again because I decided it looks better a few inches to the right. I hang almost every single thing in our house with these.
  3. It’s easy to hang things, like paper mache letters, that don’t come with a hanger included.
  4. After making the first investment, you only have to add one new Velcro strip to rehang the letters or a picture again.



  1. I just did this very craft. I have a new parrot name Kilo. Everyone always asked his name so now its above his cage. I love how it looks and planning to use my scrapbook paper for more than pages just albums of family pictures.
    Thanks and I’m now on your newsletter list. Can’t wait to try more from your site.

  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I did an alphabet wall for our playroom with the 8″ letters and get so many compliments! I’m now using this method for my daughter’s name on 12″ letters in her big girl room!

  3. Just wanted to say ‘Thanks.’ Saw this on Pinterest, realized it was perfect for baby’s nursery, followed your directions and I love the result!

  4. I love this! I think I might try something like that but with just the letters of my name for my room wall. I’ve been thinking of doing something like this for a while and this looks perfect!

  5. Hi! I love what you did and I am planning to do the same thing for my son’s playroom. This may sound silly but what type of white paint did you use? Just regular paint, is there a type or anything I need to buy? Do you need to prime the paper mache before you paint it? Thanks!

  6. This is great! I’ve been wanting to do single letters for each kid. I am also a procrastinator with decorating. I have a hard time committing to a theme, or adding something to my walls. Especially if it requires a nail. Haha! I may have to eventually dive in and just do it.

  7. Me, again 🙂 It seems like I’ve been bumping into you everywhere! I pinned this – I never thought about using a pack of coordinating paper before to give that mismatched but coordinated look! Fabulous idea!

    • I’ve become very dependent on the coordinating packs of paper ever since the big scrapbook store by me closed. I only buy them when they are on sale though.

    • Thank you so much, Corinna! I am already following you on social media! I love how you painted your jewelry tree stand and the sunburst wall art! 🙂


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