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Free Blog Organizer Materials - Materials will help you get organized daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly! @ The Love Nerds {}A few weeks ago, I saw that Ruth over at Living Well Spending Less was looking for some volunteers to read and review her new ebook: How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul). The Love Nerds is still pretty new, so Ruth could not have come at a better time. As a seasoned blogger, she informed me of the most popular ways to monetize my blog, the pros and cons of each of them, and gave me realistic tips and goals to reach my future goal. Plus, she does all of this with a conversational tone – like you are sitting down chatting over a cup of coffee. The best part?! You can get her book for only $.99 today! NOT EVEN A DOLLAR! Seriously, this is a steal and you should go check it out right now.

A couple take aways from her book that I started on RIGHT away were both organizational elements and lead to FREE Blog Organizers for all of you!

1. ORGANIZE THE MENU SYSTEM on your blog with categories and sub-categories as this will make it easier for readers to navigate and make it easier for you to focus the content within your vision of your blog. I spent a whole day evaluating my content, setting up the new system, filing my posts into their appropriate categories and sub-categories, and optimizing the meta-title and tags. I felt like I had Ruth’s help the whole time with all of her great examples to guide me. While still not perfect, I do actually feel more focused AND I have seen a bump in my daily page views.

2. ORGANIZE YOUR POST SCHEDULE AND WORK AHEAD!  This is probably the thing I need the most improvement on as I have been flying by the seat of my pants. If I want to grow the blog though and eventually monetize it, then I need to think ahead and look forward. I sat down and got to work – making organizers for the blog that I thought would feasibly work for me. I am still working on it and might make some changes, but I have had posts scheduled at least the day before if not earlier these last two weeks and I have a content calendar for the next month! It might be a baby step, but I love it!

Free Blog Organizer Materials - Materials will help you get organized daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly! @ The Love Nerds {}

I thought maybe you guys would like these organizers as well, so I have included all of them for you FREE!! Up above, you will see the sheet I am using to brainstorm ideas for every month; it is a great place to just get all my ideas down. I am hoping you can find some inspiration or usefulness in these organizers! If you go HERE, you will be taken to a folder of JPEGS you can download with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly organizer sheets.

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  1. Kim Osburn says

    Hi Maggie Mae. Thank you so much for the downloadable organizational tools. As a new blogger this is definitely something I need to work on. So hopefully there won’t be too many more wee hours of the morning blogging marathons. I’m so happy I met you and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for us as we blog along together. <3 Kim

    • lovenerdmaggie says

      I am so glad they can be helpful to someone else other than me! I am starting to take blogging very seriously, especially since I didn’t go back to teaching this fall, and these organizers are helping me get there! Let me know if I can ever be of any help. 🙂

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