Halloween Popcorn Box

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I had so much fun with this project! Usually when I approach a craft, I have an idea in my head and I choose the pieces to make that vision happen. This time – I was given a few non-negotiable materials and had to create my vision around them. Laura over at Laura Kelly’s Designs put together a group of 30 bloggers to design and craft these Halloween popcorn boxes. We had lots of options to choose from in decorating the popcorn box, with the main goal being to have fun! A plain box was mailed to each of us, along with some buttons from the Laura Kelly collection at Buttons Galore.

We could…

  • Paper Craft It
  • Paint It
  • Cover It in Fabric
  • Mod Podge It
  • Stitch Through It
  • Fill It With A Special Recipe Treat
  • Burn It

Here’s the Halloween Popcorn Box that I came up with:

Serve your Halloween Treats in a Spooky Mummy Popcorn Box! {The Love Nerds} #Halloween #Hallowenparty #popcornbox I am going to give you the quick and easy instructions for how to make my Halloween Favor Box, and then you will have the opportunity to enter a giveaway for $100 Disney gift card AND get to see the other designs.

For my box, I wanted a Mummy! Starting with the plain box, I painted it white. It did take a couple coats to help hide the very red colors below. Then, once it was dry, I cut strips of cheesecloth in different sizes; I definitely didn’t worry about frayed edges or sizes here as mummies – in my mind – are a bit ragged. Then, I wrapped the pieces of cheesecloth around the box. When I came to the end of a strip. I just tucked the ends into other folds of fabric. I handled my favor box a bit and didn’t have an issue with the cheesecloth coming undone. If you were worried about it being secure enough though, you could use a little hot glue to keep it in place.

Serve your Halloween Treats in a Spooky Mummy Popcorn Box! {The Love Nerds} #Halloween #Hallowenparty #popcornbox

For the eyes, I decided to use a couple of the orange buttons from Kelly’s collection and hot glued them in place. Since I knew I was going to be adding Reese’s Pieces into the popcorn, I liked the idea of having the orange eyes as well for an added pop of color! Then – pop some popcorn, add Reese’s Pieces or another special treat, and enjoy! It was so easy, and I love passing it everyday.

Serve your Halloween Treats in a Spooky Mummy Popcorn Box! {The Love Nerds} #Halloween #Hallowenparty #popcornbox

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  1. CraftsnCoffee says

    What a cute mummy! I could see making multiples for a Halloween party. (Love the Reese’s Pieces, too.)

  2. Laura Kelly Walters says

    Your popcorn box is so adorable and fun. I love it. Thank you for playing and partying with me. BTW, I am married to a nerd.

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