Love Sign with Ombre Rose Heart

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Love Sign with Ombre Paper Rose Heart - A stunning craft perfect for Valentine's Day decor , a little girl's nursery or even a bridal shower! {The Love Nerds}

I am so excited to be sharing this Love Sign with Ombre Rose Heart with all of you! First, it’s been a really long time since I shared some craft projects with you. The last two months have gotten away from me with finishing Christmas orders for the Etsy shop, visiting family for two weeks, and then completing training for my new tutoring job this month. So I am excited to be back with something fun!

Secondly, I haven’t ever really decorated for Valentine’s Day in the past. We have always done something to celebrate, but it didn’t usually involve decor. So while I didn’t go crazy, I definitely had a LOT of fun. I’m loving the touches of pink right now!

And lastly, I am just so excited about how this project turned out! It immediately became one of my favorite designs EVER. I’m not exaggerating. The paper roses look even better in person, and the love sign is a great pop of color.

scrapbook paper in desired tones {I chose three different shades of pink with a matching pattern}
Three letters {L, V, E}
A sturdy heart cutout in proportional size to the letters for the “O” {mine was wood}
Glue gun and glue sticks
Silhouette Design #11563 for a 3D Paper Rose
Tooth Pick or something else thin to help wrap roses

1. Paint your wooden heart a shade of pink so any holes between the paper roses will blend in better.

2. Cut out your paper roses on the Silhouette or using a different method. I have around 70 roses on my 9″ heart. Most of the paper roses I cut out were about 3.5″x3.5″ with some being cut smaller for fill in. You could reasonably do bigger roses if you desired.

3D Paper Roses using the Silhouette

3a. After your rose design is cut out, you will want to start rolling them. I place the toothpick at the end of the long, straight “tail” of the design. I wrap the end around the toothpick and start rolling. {PICTURE BELOW}
3b. Once I have the tail wrapped around, I take out the toothpick and continue rolling the rest by hand. You want to keep the “bottom” of your rose as straight as possible, so I keep that part flat against my thumb as I wrap.
3c. After you have wrapped the entire rose, put a little drop of hot glue on the bottom, and press down the end of the wrapped rose down. If you want fuller roses, I would loosen your grip a little and let it spread out before adding the hot glue. I also usually add a second drop of glue after the first if the bottom doesn’t seem secure.
3d. This really isn’t more directions – just a note. Making the roses does take time; I just popped in a movie and got going. It will get faster the more you do though because your fingers start to get into the groove.
How to roll 3D paper roses

4. I decided to start at the top with the darkest pink and move my way down to the lighter shade. All the paper roses are hot glued onto the heart. I first made a straight row across where I could on the heart and filled in from there. Don’t worry about placement too much. My only personal goal was to keep the change of color shade as straight of a line as possible and just fill in where needed otherwise.

Love Sign with Ombre Rose Heart from The Love Nerds #Valentinesday #valentinesdaydecor #crafts
5. THE OTHER LETTERS: I think the white letters I bought would have been gorgeous with the pink heart, but I have white walls – so it wasn’t really an option in our apartment. See what you think though and skip this step if you like the white! For me? I decided to use the three shades of pink for the three letters.
5a. I traced the flipped letter onto the back of the paper, giving myself some extra room. {you want to flip the letter because you are tracing on the back so you don’t have to worry about seeing your trace lines on the front of the letter.} Then I cut out the letters with scissors.
5b. I used mod podge to adhere the cut out letter to the front. I loosely wrapped the letter facedown in wax paper and put heavy books on top to make sure the paper stuck well.
5c. I put the letter face down on a cutting board and used an Exacto knife to cut off the access.

6. Once the other letters were dry, I placed them out the way I wanted and then used hot glue to attach them. You can see in the picture where I added glue to keep them together.

7. I then decided where I wanted the heart to rest on the Love sign; I personally decided on an angle. I used just a little bit of glue where the heart touched the letters to keep them all together.

Love Sign with Ombre Rose Heart from The Love Nerds #Valentinesday #valentinesdaydecor #crafts

This was definitely one of my lengthier projects, but I was lucky enough to have a night of crafting to get it done! I even hung it up the same night because I was so excited!! Especially with living in an apartment, I have become best friends with 3M. To hang this love sign, I used the velcro 3M strips, putting a pair on each of the four pieces. The hot glue is holding them together really well, but I didn’t want to risk it with gravity; a pair of strips on each of the four pieces makes sure they are all nice and supported on the wall.

If you like this Valentine’s Day decor idea, you should check out my other posts! It’s been all about the pink ombre and hearts this year! 

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The Love Nerds' Valentine's Day Decor with Pink Ombre and Hearts! {The Love Nerds} #ValentinesDay #holidaydecor #crafts #diy

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?


  1. Elizabeth Towns says

    I can’t believe you MADE this. I want to make wall art – I wish I had the necessary machinery and talent. This is amazing. I guess I had better check out the etsy store.

    • Maggie says

      Thank you so much, Elizabeth! That’s a very sweet compliment. This isn’t available on the shop yet, but if anything ever interests you, I love providing custom orders or recreating crafts shown here on the blog.

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