Monograms and Mimosas: Hosting a Themed Bridal Shower Brunch

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With winter (hopefully) coming to an end soon, we will be quickly heading into the season of bridal showers! Unlike the last few years, I only have one on the horizon so far this year. So even though I am not currently in the planning stages for a shower, I thought this might be a nice time of year to start sharing some ideas. You can also see more ideas on my Pinterest board for Bridal Showers.

First up – a bridal brunch! Very often, bridal showers tend to serve lemonade, sweet tea, or maybe fruit water. If you are wanting to include something a bit more bubbly, consider adding a little theme to the shower with something like “Monograms and Mimosas” or “Bubbles and Bliss”.

Planning a Bridal Shower? Why not host a Monograms and Mimosas Bridal Shower? So many fun ideas! | The Love Nerds
I love the idea of doing a bar/buffet style set up for a brunch, because it creates a more relaxed feel. It is also so easy to do for brunch. Set up a station for bagels, yogurt parfaits, fruit salad, and maybe (or definitely if I was planning it) include some donuts. Consider setting up the different stations in different areas of the room as this will help avoid people bunching up in one spot.
Brunch Game
Consider getting information about the bride, groom, family, and wedding party and create a crossword puzzle to put at the tables. This is great for a couple reasons: 1, it is a game that doesn’t force anyone to play a game; 2, it gives someone something to do if they are the first to sit down to eat or if they don’t really know anyone; 3, people will start talking about it and asking for help which makes it a great ice breaker, especially if you have a mixed crowd and the crossword puzzle includes a little bit of everything, and 4, people like getting to know the wedding party more before the big day!
Gift for the Bride and Groom
I think the mugs shown above would be a great take away for the bride, letting all the guests sign them for the happy couple and give a piece of advice. I love the mug guest book because it also ties perfectly in with having a brunch.  You could even spend a little time ahead and using a stencil (or free hand if you have good penmanship) to write Mrs on one mug and Mr on the other; guests could write attributes for the happy couple on the appropriate mug. There are so many variations of popular event ideas, so think about which the couple might like the most in the long run. Would they like mugs with just signatures? Would they like advice? Maybe date ideas or funny stories or I thought ____ when I first met the bride/groom?
Now, while it is definitely not required, I always give a favor away at a shower, even if it is a small treat. This is a trait I get from my mother who says that is just how things are supposed to be done. A favor doesn’t have to be big or expensive though.
Here are some different ideas:
♥Monogram coffee mugs for the guests (great if you do the mugs above for the bride and groom)
♥Give the guests coffee to take home
♥ Monogram Flutes for the guests – let them use it during the shower if you decided to go with Monograms and Mimosas
♥Wrap up some mini-donuts in a treat bag and tie it with a ribbon
♥Sugar cookies – could monogram for the Bride and Groom or use a playful shape for the brunch like making them look like donuts
♥Jar of jam or honey
♥Chocolate Chip Pancake mix in a jar (or a different brunch recipe)
♥Yogurt parfait to go in a mason jar
What have you done? I would love for you to share your ideas with me and my readers, so feel free to include links below in the comments to bridal brunches you have thrown, add other favor or game ideas, or email pictures. I would to add more ideas for people to use in the planning process. And if you ever are looking for professional help, please email me so we can talk about options.
Inspiration and Resources: 
I can’t take credit for all the great ideas on this post! Please visit my resources and features for this post to get more ideas and support their work:
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