Movie Night Care Package Ideas for your College Student

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Here is something that many of you probably don’t realize about me – I live on a college campus. No, I am not a student still. No, I have no real connections to this college myself. My husband does though. He is a Residence Director which requires him to live on campus and be on call. Since I am not ready to live apart from my husband, I deal with the constant running in the halls {WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? LEAVE 5 MINUTES EARLIER!} and students shouting outside my bedroom window at 2 in the morning {Sorry, I don’t have a cheeseburger to give you and make you be quiet!}.

While there are these and other annoying things about our living situation {OH WHY CAN’T I JUST BUY MY OWN PAINT COLOR}, I honestly don’t mind it. I look back on college with very fond memories. My husband and I became close friends as RAs, who are the very students he now supervises. If it wasn’t for being an RAs, I don’t think we would be married right now.

Movie Night Care Package - Send a College Student you love a surprise in the mail or turn this into a fun Christmas gift! {The Love Nerds} #AmazonWishList #AmazonHasIt

I see and HEAR these young adults going through the angst of it all – classes, last minute papers, drama over texts, bad dates, etc – and I remember those days being so much fun despite the drama. I had amazing friends, and we took advantage of living with our best friends. Since we attended a small campus in a small town, almost every single students lived in the residence halls. It was a 4 year sleep over and, 6 years later, I still miss it. We are actually heading back to Mount Vernon, IA today to see the old place and visit our friends who still live near by.

Movie Night Care Package - Send a College Student you love a surprise in the mail or turn this into a fun Christmas gift! {The Love Nerds} #AmazonWishList #AmazonHasIt

What you discover in living together is you all develop your own niches or “thing”. For my husband,  it was video games. You could always go there to play a game. Our last month of college, we played a slightly embarrassing amount of Mario Kart. For my best friend, it was supplies. She always magically had what I needed, whether it be tape or a highlighter. For

Me? I was always prepared for movie nights. One thing my mom always made sure of was that she either sent me back to school stocked with goodies or sent me a little care package.

The best care package that I ever received from her was a Movie Night package. It was only a few weeks later than now in the school year, and she sent me a few different holiday movies with snacks. In college, this was an instant hang out!

Movie Night Care Package Ideas - Send a College Student you love a surprise in the mail or turn this into a fun Christmas gift! {The Love Nerds} #AmazonWishList #AmazonHasIt

Send your college student a fun care package. College students always need something, and Amazon makes it easy for you to give them the essentials plus some fun without ever entering a store. Better yet – send some goodies to your best friend who just had a baby or make a Movie Night gift basket for your brother for Christmas. I know I would love to get one for a fun night at home.

Consider these Movie Night Care Package Ideas:

    1. OrvilleLight, fluffy, delicious. I’m a popcorn addict so Orville Redenbacher’s is my vision of a perfect treat for anytime, but especially Movie Time! Plus they even have new varieties of Skinny Microwave Popcorn now. People ALWAYS came to my room looking for popcorn.
    2. Swiss MissWho wouldn’t love a cup of Swiss miss hot cocoa on a cold day – and those dorm rooms can certainly get chilly! Their hot cocoa mix is made with fresh milk from local farms and blended with premium blended cocoa. It’s also perfect for late night gab sessions with friends.
    3. DAVIDSMake sure to send a long a healthy snack, too! DAVID seeds has great flavors you’ll love; I love the Ranch and Jalapeño Hot Salsa.
    4. Slim Jim: Slim Jim is the original meat stick, and it’s the only brand my husband will eat. This is a really great addition for a guy’s basket {not that girls don’t like it at well!}
    5. Kernel Season’s Popcorn Seasoning: I don’t understand how this is the case, but my husband isn’t a huge popcorn fan – unless I have seasoning. I love the seasoning, too, so it all works out. My favorite? White cheddar!
    6. Nutella and GO! Snack: I cannot even begin to describe how awesome these snack packs are. Nutella is very popular right now!
    7. Hershey’s Variety Pack: How can you have a movie night without candy?! I always love the sweet of the candy with the salty of the popcorn.
    8. Pizza-2-Go Gift Box: If they have a kitchen and know how to cook a little, consider sending them an awesome pizza gift box! Now you are giving them a movie night where they don’t need to eat in the cafeteria for dinner.
    9. Popcorn Containers and Movie Set Clapboard: Both of these are just for fun! Plus the containers are practical. There are enough germs going around a campus without everyone eating out of the same bowl.
    10. Movies: You just can’t send a Movie Night Care Package without movies! Pick their newest favorites. I would want X-Men: Days of Future Past, Captain America: Winter Soldier, and Fault in Our Stars.

I use Amazon throughout the year for personal and business items, but I use it the most during the holidays. I hate going into stores starting right about now. They are too busy and people are too pushy. Amazon is my go to for Christmas, and they are making it even easier this year.

Amazon has just introduced #AmazonWishList which allows you automatically add things to your Amazon Wish List without leaving Twitter. When you see something you love from a branch or friend with an product link, you reply with #AmazonWishList and Wah Lah! It’s added. This is going to be PERFECT for my husband. He’s on Twitter all the time but always forgets what he saw that he liked when it comes down to making his Christmas wish list. This new feature combined with Universal Wish List and Don’t Spoil My Surprised, Amazon is awesome for sending families our wish lists. Here is the Board Game Wish List we started!

Movie Night Care Package - Send a College Student you love a surprise in the mail or turn this into a fun Christmas gift! {The Love Nerds} #AmazonWishList #AmazonHasIt

To celebrate this fun new feature, Amazon is throwing an #AmazonWishList Social Shopping Party on Twitter. On Wednesday, October 15th from 11-12pm EST, get onto Twitter to party! Here’s why:

  1. Amazon will be offering special promotions during this hour on featured products using the #AmazonWishList feature. For example, you will get $1 off Slim Jim, Swiss Miss, DAVIDS, Orville and all other featured products when purchased during the party using #AmazonWishList.
  2. Amazon will be giving away 10 Kindles as prizes during the party! You could get an awesome Christmas party for someone {or yourself} just by chatting on Twitter.
  3. Twitter parties are fun! Enough said.

Make sure to check out the party on Wednesday the 15th and check out all the great new wish list features!

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