Make Movie Night Special with a Fun Popcorn Bar

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Who says that watching a movie at home can’t be a special treat? With tighter budgets, we just don’t go to the movie theater much anymore. We watch a lot more movies at home on our own couches, which often means we are playing on our phones or tablet at the same time while watching the movie. It doesn’t always feel like it’s a treat, which is why I like to spruce it up sometimes. How about setting up a fun popcorn bar the next time you watch a movie at home with your family or your kids have friends over for a sleepover? It doesn’t take much work, but they will love getting to pick and choose their own treat!

Make your movie night at home watching Rio 2 special with a fun Pop Secret popcorn bar! We even have Blu's favorite blueberries! {The Love Nerds} #PopForRio2 #PMedia #ad

When coming up with a popcorn bar or even a trail mix bar, I always try to keep a balance between candy and “healthier” options. Since we were setting up the bar to celebrate Rio 2 and big blue, it was a no brainer for me to include blueberries! Not just for the color but because it’s their favorite fruity treat in the movie. In this case, I put out both dried blueberries and chocolate covered blueberries. You can never have too many blueberries in my book!

Here is what I included: Pop Secret Popcorn (Movie Butter – of course), dried pineapple, dried blueberries, mixed nuts, 2 chocolate candies and chocolate covered blueberries. My favorite combination? Popcorn with dried pineapple, blueberries and nuts! It is the perfect combination of sweet from the fruit and salty from the popcorn and nuts.

Make your movie night at home special with a fun popcorn bar! Our's was for Rio 2, so we have Blu's favorite blueberries! {The Love Nerds} #PopForRio2 #PMedia #ad

I love making the little moments more special, but I also have a crazy schedule. I decided to add just a few blue pinwheels to the back behind the popcorn bar in celebration (and in theme) of the blue macaws. It adds a fun pop of color and the feeling of extra special without taking too much time. If I was hosting a full kid’s party instead of a fun night at home with family, I probably would have made a bigger display in the back.

If you are planning on hosting a RIO party, you will definitely want to check out the Rio 2 site for tons of goodies! There are resources for throwing a Rio themed party like downloadable invitations, recipes and crafts. You can also print fun games for your kids to play and fun tools for back-to-school like lunch box labels and bookmarks. I can’t believe how many great and FREE ideas they are providing for everyone. I love things that make life a little easier.

Make your movie night at home special with a fun popcorn bar! Our's was for Rio 2, so we have Blu's favorite blueberries! {The Love Nerds} #PopForRio2 #PMedia #ad

Want another deal? If you are planning your own popcorn bar soon or are just addicted to Pop Secret Popcorn like I am, you can pick up a box for a $1 off at Walmart with this coupon while supplies last! Back to school is expensive, so I know you will want to save every dollar possible.

Have you seen Rio 2 yet? 


  1. Christine says

    I love this idea! One of my favorite (but odd sounding) movie treats is to put Hot Tamales in my hot popcorn. I was very skeptical, until I tried it! Far better than I ever imagined!

  2. Ann BAcciaglia says

    I love your trail mix bar. What a fantastic idea and I am going to do this at a party in a couple weeks. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Maria Oller says

    Wow We only had popcorn but that chocolate/candy tray looks epic, by the way the movies is great!!!

  4. Shauna says

    What a cute idea. We love movie night and the kids always ask what day it is so they can count down. Last Friday we watched Rio 2… very cute movie

  5. Pam says

    What a neat idea! This is a great way to make movie night a little more special. I love “bars” because everyone can customize their food the way they want.

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