How to make Polaroid Picture Coasters

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Yesterday, I shared how to use scrapbook paper and cheap bathroom/kitchen tiles to make your own personalized coasters – with a little Mod Podge of course. Today, you can make them even more personal by using photographs. I made some for my mom as a gift that took up the whole tile like the scrapbook paper ones because that was the look she preferred.

For mine, I went with the throwback to Polaroid pictures!
I think these are great as gifts. You could do pictures of flowers like I did above, or you could do pictures from a vacation or use family pictures like I did for my mom.
I also included some with writing on them, which I think would be wonderful wedding favors (using engagement pictures) or gifts for the newlyweds using their wedding pictures.


MATERIALS for the coasters: 
White Tiles (mine were 4.25×4/25 for 16 cents each at Lowes)
Mod Podge (I use the matte)
Brush or Sponge brush for Mod Podge
Something to pour your Mod Podge in
Clear Acrylic Coating (I use Krylon UV-Resistant Clear Acrylic Coating – Matte)
Pictures (cut 3.75×3.25)
NOTE ON ORDERING PICTURES: I ordered my pictures from Wink Flash. There are probably other resources, but Wink Flash has always been reliable for me and offer pictures in 4×4 size. That is also the size I used for our wedding centerpieces. I would encourage you to crop your picture to the 4×4 size before printing so you know what you will really be able to fit onto your coaster.
TUTORIAL: Follow the tutorial HERE for directions on how to make the coaster. The directions are exactly the same except for one thing – when you put the first layer of Mod Podge down – before putting the picture onto the tile – only put the Mod Podge in the area that the picture will be going. It doesn’t need to be an exact science, but it looks better to me when I have compared doing it both ways.
COASTERS WITH WRITING: If you like these coasters with the writing, you will need to do a couple things before the tutorial starts.
First, with a permanent marker, write whatever you want on the bottom portion of the tile. Measure so you have a better idea of how much space you have to work with (about .75 of an inch). If you need to clean something up or erase it, you can! Just use a wet paper towel and wipe the area that you want to remove.
Once you are satisfied with the writing or design, put the piece in a cool oven. Turn the oven on to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Let it sit in the oven for 30 minutes. After those 30 minutes, turn the oven off but let the tile(s) sit in there for awhile and cool off. Baking the tile in the oven makes the marker permanent.
Once it is out of the oven, you can follow the tutorial exactly.
Have you done anything else with coasters that you would like to share?

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  1. Melissa Whitcher says

    Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I featured your Polaroid coasters today! Have a great week. :0)


  2. Willie Summers says

    That’s a very beautiful idea! I’d like this for souvenirs because it’s very easy to make and it’s personalized too. You can eaither choose to use this coasters or just include it with your decorations. -

    • Lauren says

      OH by the way, I never responded to your comment about the name of my blog. I did get the name from Beauty and the Beast. One of my favorite movies as well. You are the only person who has picked up on that.

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