Awesome New Tips for Making Free Online Word Art

I shared one of my favorite online word art programs last fall – Tagxedo. It offers a ton of options for you to customize your art work: color, shapes, layout, font, and more. Oh, and did I mention it is FREE?! It is so awesome! I am not an affiliate and make nothing for talking about them; I just like sharing good deals with you all. My original post shares all the instructions for how to use the program. 

I had someone comment though on the my old post to ask me how to keep words together in the art work, like “husband & wife”, so I thought I would make a new post to explain it all. Of course, I had to sit down to figure it out myself first. I love the result and the fact that it brings even more FREE options! Not only did I figure out how to make phrases happen, but I also figured out how to upload your own images. I am so excited to bring you some new tips for making free online word art!!

Free Shaped Word Art Online! Come check out more great tips for using Tagxedo, including making phrases and uploading your own images! {The Love Nerds} #freewordart #subwayart


When you add your text to Tagxedo, you have a few options: you can pull the words from a website, you can upload a file, or you can submit your own words. I normally just type up my words in a Word document and then copy/paste it into the program’s “Enter Text”.

If you want to keep some of your words together for a phrase, you just need to use a “~” between the words. For example: husband~and~wife. One thing I did notice in experimenting is that it did not word with an ampersand, so you will need to avoid symbols. Since the commenter was asking about “husband~and~wife” specifically, I decided to use vow words and phrases for my example:


Here is what I came up with:

Free Shaped Word Art! Come check out more great tips for using Tagxedo, including making phrases and uploading your own images! {The Love Nerds} #freewordart #subwayart

This is my design, so feel free to right click and copy the image if you would like to use it your own personal use. Just remember to give credit where credit is due! NOW – for what I think is even cooler!


Not only does Tagxedo have lots of shapes you can choose from, such as the heart up above, but you can also submit your own images or clip art! I wanted a fun summer image, so I found a free sun clip art online. Here is what I started with:

husband~and~wife to~have~and~to~hold always~and~forever love cherish

Then, I went to Tagxedo. To submit your own image, you will click on the arrow by “SHAPE”. Then, in the bottom left corner of that menu, you will click on “add image” and choose your clipart file to upload.

husband~and~wife to~have~and~to~hold always~and~forever love cherish

After you upload your image, you will come to the screen below. The “BLUR” and “THRESHOLD” sliding bars will let you adjust what is accepted into the image and fine tune the edges. The “INTERIOR” option will swap what is used for the word art. For this image, you will see “BLACK” is chosen and that is what will be used for the word art. If I switched it to “WHITE”, the middle circle and outside border will be used for the word art with the sun itself blank.

husband~and~wife to~have~and~to~hold always~and~forever love cherish

For this image, I also used the phrase option because I am so excited about that new option for my subway art. Here are the words I used and then you will see what I created.


Free Shaped Word Art! Come check out more great tips for using Tagxedo, including making phrases and uploading your own images! {The Love Nerds} #freewordart #subwayart

Just like the other, feel free to use this image for personal use if you would like it! I think it would make such a fun tag for summer favors or neighborly gifts.

I hope you enjoy these new tips for Tagxedo. If you need the original detailed instructions, you can find part one HERE.

Have you tried Tagxedo yet?


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  1. Sandra says

    I really like what you’ve done with the words . I will be trying this as I enjoy designing my own tee shirts with my heat press. Is this hard to learn.
    Thanks for any help Sandra

  2. says

    Hi I discovered Tagxedo and then found your blog post, fabulous thank you. Is there a way of making certain words larger than others do you know?


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