A Book Nerd Wedding

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In the 8th grade, we had to complete a career report. We took a few of the career assessment and interest tools and were then supposed to choose one from the list to research. The research even included interviewing someone in the field and completing a detailed report.

My career of choice: wedding planner.

I will be honest, there are still times that I ponder whether I could enter into this career choice. I loved planning our wedding. Of course there was the family drama, the stress, and the occasional bridal meltdown. But truly, I loved it. I loved the ideas, the options, the creativity; I loved building the event from scratch and I loved finding ways to make our day personal.

To me, personalization is so important to make the wedding day truly feel like a celebration of your love. You want an event that could only be made for the two of you. For us, it needed to include details that celebrated our love of books. This theme began with engagement pictures and the save the date and then continued through to location (it had a library!) and centerpieces. Every Book Nerd Wedding detail was thoughtful of who we were as people and as a couple.

A Book Nerd Engagement Session by The Love Nerds #diywedding #engagementsession #lovenerdevents
When planning a book nerd wedding, there are a few key elements I developed. The first was just lucky – I found a reception hall that I loved with a library where the cocktail hour was hosted!
  1. A book themed ceremony program: The program was a “bound book” by staples with an introduction to the book (aka the couple), table of contents (an overview of the ceremony) and chapters with all the details.
  2. Scrabble elements: Large scrabble tiles were cut out of wood and decorated with the last name using vinyl. They decorated the escort card table, which were done in little drawers like a card catalog. Additionally, there were scrabble trays with phrases scattered around the reception to label different tables, such as “Eat Me” by the cake and “Drink Me” at the bar for a special Alice in Wonderland shout out.
  3. Card Catolog Escort Cards/Book Themed Table Names: All the tables were named for favorite books of the couple instead of numbered. Their card catalog escort cards had the book listed with the guest name provided as the “author” and then followed with a description of why the couple loved it. It gave an opportunity to provide a personal message to the guest, a little window into the couple’s personality.
  4. Book Centerpieces – Books were placed on all the tables as an element of the centerpieces. In order to be economic, a random collection of books were used from personal collections and wrapped in white kraft paper. This meant that no one knew which book was actually sitting on their table.
  5. Library Cards Guest Book – Instead of having a traditional guest books, “library cards” were left in a pocket envelope with a thank you card to the guest. While not everyone wrote one, the messages we got were so wonderful to read the day before we left for our honeymoon.
  6. Reenactment of Engagement Photos – This was entirely Cap’s idea!

A Book Nerd Wedding by The Love Nerds #diywedding #scrabblewedding #lovenerdeventsA Book Nerd Wedding by The Love Nerds #diywedding #bookcenterpieces #lovenerdeventsA Book Nerd Wedding by The Love Nerds #diywedding #bookcenterpieces #lovenerdevents

A Book Nerd Wedding by The Love Nerds #diywedding #bookcenterpieces #lovenerdevents


  1. Emily Jimenez says

    I loved the theme of your wedding, as someone who also loves to read I found your ideas wonderful. I hope my wedding comes to be as beautiful as yours.

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