Adulting is Hard … Which is Why We All Need a Little Help

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Need help making some of the big adult decisions? Work through activities with American Family Insurance and let them guide you through many of the tough choices, big moments, and everyday home safety help.

Adullting is hard - a LOT harder than it looked as a kid! With raising our toddler, running two businesses, and working toward buying a house, it's nice to have American Family Insurance DreamKeep Rewards on our side to help stay knowledgeable and protect our dreams!

Why Did We Want to Grow Up, Again?!

I remember there was a time that I was excited to grow up. As the youngest of 4 by a signifiant age gap, growing up looked like getting to leave the house on your own, going to the movies with friends, drivers licenses, and late night curfews. Even when I became a teenager, growing up looked like having your own place, not needed to tell anyone where you were or if you decided to go to somewhere else, expendable income and a fabulous wardrobe. Now that I’m in my 30s with a toddler at home, growing up looks like managing tight budgets, making dinner every night (why do we need to eat so much?!), sleepless nights and big dreams with little expendable income.

A couple weeks ago, I shared tips for keeping those dreams alive regardless of budgets. I’m running two small businesses while raising my son full time, so staying motivated and finding time to make those businesses thrive is difficult but necessary (see again the part about little expendable income). While some things I thought about growing up are definitely true and wonderful, adulting is hard as a whole. Bryan and I so know some our age who easily have it all together – careers right out of school with lots of expendable income, cars paid in cash, houses purchased, etc. We took a different path with career exploration, job downsizing, entrepreneurship, and lots of moving.

I think our story is similar to the majority of our generation though, working hard to figure out the whole adulting situation. In the last year alone, we’ve become parents, paid down debt, taken steps to grow our careers, and even begun discussing buying our first home. It’s important though to make sure we are doing everything to protect ourselves and our family while figure it all out though. Adulting is Hard but the Dreamkeeps Program helps make it easier! Enter American Family Insurance and their DreamKeep Rewards. It’s an interactive experience that rewards you for reading short articles and performing small activities, all designed to help you adult a little easier and protect the people and things that matter most to you. Articles and activities cover a wide a variety of topics: budget, driving safety, home care, family, and important life decisions, followed by a quick 3-4 question quiz or questionnaire. It doesn’t take a lot of time to complete but gives you helpful information to consider.

It’s a great support system for our everyday life as well as the big changes we have possibly coming. Liam needs to switch carseats so I did their activity on car seat safety! It was a good refresher for what we need to keep him safe before picking out a pricey investment. American Family Insurance DreamKeep Rewards As I already mentioned, we’ve also been talking about what our next steps are in regards to possibly buying a house. It’s a big step since we’ve always rented, and one that comes with a lot of stress, anxiety, research and, of course, excitement. To start preparing, we did a refresher on budgets for DreamKeep Rewards and sat down to reevaluate our monthly expenses. There’s even a perfect follow up on starting your Dream Fund, aka our house fund!

While working through these activities, we also earn points for DreamKeep Rewards, which can eventually be used for things like passes to local activities, gift cards, spa treatments, and more. The best part? The points really do add up quickly. I’ve done reward programs before where it feels impossible to attain any of the tangible rewards, but after signing up and completing just a few activities, we have enough points for a gift card already!

But the real benefit is knowing we are on track for both planning and protecting the things that matter most. Knowing that the things that matter most in my life are protected helps me focus on my dreams! Do you feel protected? Make sure to sign up for the DreamKeep Rewards, which is free! It’s an easy way to learn about keeping your family, home and dreams safe.


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