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5 Blogging Priorities with Link to a Fully Customizable Daily Blog Checklist {The Love Nerds} #blogging #blogchecklist #blogtips

This week will start Bloggy birthday celebrations on The Love Nerds! On February 11th, 2013, I launched the blog and shared my first tutorial 6 days later. This past year has been a huge learning curve. There are so many unique aspects to blogging that others just don’t understand. A year later and my mom still doesn’t understand what a “link party” is. But I don’t blame her or others – blogging is a fairly strange profession.

I was so excited for the invitation to participate in Plucky’s Second Thought’s Blogging Tips and Tricks Series {Part 2}. It was perfect timing since I was already reflecting on the past year and trying to get into a better blogging schedule since I will be starting my tutoring position soon. If you head over to Plucky’s Second Thought, you will find is a Daily Blog Checklist that is fully customizable!! This checklist was part of my process of choosing my blogging priorities for the upcoming year.

Daily Blog Checklist - Fully Customizable for your Individual Organization Needs {From The Love Nerds} #bloggers #DailyBlogChecklist #BlogOrganization

To be thorough on the Daily Blogging Checklist, I had to try to include as many items as possible. Anything that I ideally want to get done in a day. The conclusion? We do a LOT! Seriously, I have certainly felt busy this past year but putting it down on paper made me realize just how crazy busy we all are. So way to go everyone!

Now, let’s be realistic. I can’t do all of these every single day. I asked my fellow bloggers what their priorities were every day, and Sandra from A Dash of Sanity had to list “breathing” on her list. Sandra understands how crazy blogging can be; she has 5 kids and many of us bloggers have families, other jobs or even shops to manage too! I try my hardest to accomplish this checklist every day but I have drink a cup of coffee, shower, eat lunch, use the restroom, sleep, and – my personal favorite – have a life other than work.  So here are my priorities as I move forward this year; things I am going to put at the very top of my daily blog checklist.

5 Blogging Priorities with Link to a Fully Customizable Daily Blog Checklist {The Love Nerds} #blogging #blogchecklist #blogtips

Creating new content: Without new, fresh, and quality content, there really is no point of blogging. So everyday, I make a conscious effort to work on good content for all of you. This really takes place in different stages as Marion from Life Tastes Good pointed out in her list of priorities; she noted “planning quality content” and “creating quality content”.  Even that could be broken down further because content is a constantly evolving process, all starting from one small idea!

For me, prioritizing new content would ideally include crafting, writing, or taking photos every day. This means I usually have a lot of posts in draft form, which I am okay with. It means content is always in progress. Lydia from Lydia’s Flexitarian Kitchen is also “always prepping for another post” and ranks it as her top priority as well.

Alison from Wrangling the Monkeys also spoke about something I have been striving for the last couple months. She tries daily to “create new posts and schedule them so I am a few days ahead.” I find that when I stay on top of content creation and am able to schedule ahead, two important things happen. 1. The content is better because I am not rushing. 2, I have a cushion in case other things need my attention like my family or Etsy shop – or in case I get a migraine.

However, a good day of brainstorming can be just as important to this goal. Every day, like it says on the daily checklist, I write down an idea or two. I may not take action on all my ideas, but at least I am always thinking about what could be great!

Networking and Promoting: My friend Kristin at Dizzy, Busy and Hungry made me chuckle when I saw her response to my question: 1 – Networking/promoting, 2 – improving my photography skills, 3- Networking/promoting, 4- proactively promoting content, and 5 – Networking/promoting. Oh, and I want to sneak one more in there: 6 – Networking/promoting!

Yes, there is no point to a blog without good content, but you also need to let readers know that content exists. I have been lucky to find some amazing bloggy friends and bloggy communities that offer great support in this area! Having this network as definitely opened some doors for me and makes the whole experience more enjoyable. My best friend may not understand some weird html issue with my blog, but my blogging network definitely will! Sandra from A Dash of Sanity compares networking to “making friends” and I completely agree! It’s why I prioritize promoting their content and engaging on their blogs/social media.

For each new post, here is what I try at minimum to accomplish for promotion:
-Share it on all my social media for that day.
-Share it on my Facebook communities that help promote content
-Submit to at least 1 content promotion site when relevant like The Best Blog Recipes Blogger Gallery or Inspiration DIY.
-Submit to any relevant round-up requests from other bloggers
-Pin to a couple group boards throughout the day
-Did I miss anything you would suggest?

This can easily become the most time consuming portion of the day because it is so easy to get sucked into social media. I start by sharing my new post on Facebook and sharing it with my Facebook Blogging Communities, and the next thing I know I have been browsing my feed for 30 minutes. So a goal for this year is to log off when I am not actively promoting or networking!

Engagement and Interaction: These are two words I saw repeated over and over again in the responses from other bloggers. Sarah from Snow Globe Shaken lists “replying to comments” as the most important thing she does everyday.  Jane from A Boy, a Girl, and the Marine Corps too lists “responding to social media comments and blog comments to really interact with my readers”; her “favorite part of blogging.”

Keeping up with comments overwhelmed me in the beginning. I always appreciated them, but I struggled with getting back to everyone.  When I had so much else to learn and create, it fell to the side. This was a mistake! I just wasn’t making enough time for it and it has become one of my daily priorities. I make sure to log-in to my comments log so I can be sure I didn’t miss anyone.

I also think engagement with other blogs is really important! I try to comment on at least 5 blogs a day, and Brittany from Simply Brittany agrees with me! Yes, this could fall more under networking but this is where it makes most sense to me. I want my readers to be engaged on my blog; I want to be engaged on the blogs I love and admire.

Building The Love Nerds as a Business: I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t include this on my list of priorities. As the blog continues to grow, I also want to grow it as a business. I am not sure what this will really look like yet; it is a new goal. I am definitely open to tips on this area! 

BALANCE! Rebecca from Chocolat and a Baby Doll listed balance as one of her priorities; she said, “It’s also important for me to be able to step away from my blog and make sure I’m spending quality time with my family.” I’m so glad she said this because it is one of my goals. I left teaching to have more balance in my life and be healthier, but I don’t know if I would have thought to list it without Rebecca. So THANKS, Rebecca!

Blogging can easily be a 24 job, especially when people are commenting at midnight or companies send you a PR request on a Saturday. Remember that your life and personal time is important! It is okay to shut the computer down, even if you didn’t get through your own Daily Blog Checklist.

Thank you to the following fabulous bloggers for contributing their blog priorities on The Love Nerds’ Facebook page! You should definitely check them out and give them some love!

Dizzy, Busy and Hungry  |  Life Tastes Good  |  A Dash of Sanity  |  Just us Four  |  Flavor Mosaic  |  Titi Crafty  |  The Life of Jennifer Dawn  |  Wrangling the Monkeys  |  Simply Brittany  |  A Boy, A Girl, and the Marine Corps  |  Lydia’s Flexitarian Kitchen  |  Chocolat and a Baby Doll  |  Coffee with us 3  |  Snow Globe Shaken  |  The Vintage Nest  |  Jayhawk Mommy

What are your priorities as a blogger?



  1. Kirsten says

    Thank you for this. Was an awesome read..and am going to download the its something I think will help me balance me. I am new to blogging (still in creating stages) and love reading people’s outlooks on theirs and how to properly get started so I don’t waste too much time doing the “wrong” thing. All trial and error though!

    Look forward to following along to your blog and hope to post mine up in a week or so

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