DIY Olympics Headband

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DIY Olympics Headband {The Love Nerds} #Olympicsparty #Olympicscrafts

I love the Olympics! I enjoy the camaraderie around our team and the celebration of hard work. It doesn’t always happen very smoothly, but I like the idea of countries coming together cooperatively. Then there’s the figure skating, the speed skating, the snow boarding, and the commercials. I really love the commercials during the Olympics! So why not celebrate all the awesomeness of the Olympics with a DIY Olympics Headband?!

1 felt sheet for each color of the Olympic rings
1 plain headband
Hot Glue Gun and Stick

DIY Olympics Headband {The Love Nerds} #Olympicsparty #Olympicscrafts

1. Make the felt puff for each color. To do this you will need 6 circles of each color, measuring about 2″ in diameter. 1 of these circles is the base of the puff. Fold 4 of the circles in half – twice; they will be little pie pieces. Hot glue them down onto the base circle. Then, hold the last circle, put a drop of hot glue in the center, and glue point down so the last one is standing up and filling in the puff.

DIY Olympics Headband {The Love Nerds} #Olympicsparty #Olympicscrafts

2. Place the 5 puffs down in the correct order onto extra felt. Trace around and then cut that piece out. Do this once more time.

3. Hot glue the 5 puffs down onto one of the pieces of felt. This is now your piece for the headband. Trim any extra felt that is showing around the 5 puffs.

DIY Olympics Headband {The Love Nerds} #Olympicsparty #Olympicscrafts

4. Take the other traced piece of felt and glue it to the inside of the headband where you want the embellishment to be.

DIY Olympics Headband {The Love Nerds} #Olympicsparty #Olympicscrafts

5. Glue the embellishment onto the headband and other piece of felt. You might need to trim extra felt showing around the embellishment.

TA-DAH! Now you have a fun headband that you or the kids can wear as they cheer on their favorite teams and watch the closing ceremonies!!

DIY Olympics Headband {The Love Nerds} #Olympicsparty #Olympicscrafts

What is your favorite Olympics Sport?



  1. Dawn Red says

    I got these for my 11 year old. She loves wearing them. She enjoys having all the different colors to choose from. They fit her head. She usually yanks headbands off after a while, but she keeps these on all day. I tried one on and they felt fine for my head as well.
    Thanks in advance
    Dawn Red

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