DIY Leather Accent Pillow

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Corinna here from For My Love Of to share with you an easy pillow tutorial! I love accent pillows and I love that they can be so customizable. Leather is a great material for adding a touch of masculinity to your decor and balancing heavily feminine decor. I won’t be using real leather, because animal rights are important, but I will be using a heavy pleather fabric that I picked up from Amazon for $6 a yard!

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How Long It Takes

Less than an Hour

What You’ll Need

Inexpensive, but heavy, Pleather. Embroidery Floss. Embroidery Needle. Poly-Fill.

The Process

You’ll need to size out your pillow dimensions first. I chose to make a smaller accent pillow with cut dimensions of 17 inches squared. This creates a pillow that’s about 15 inches and is great for layering in front of larger accent pillows. Lay your two pieces, outer sides facing each other, and seams running in perpendicular directions. The seams will give you a fairly straight line to follow on all four sides.

hand sewn leather pillow tutorial

Using a long strand of embroidery floss and an embroidery needle, start sewing one side together. Use a simple stitch no more than a half inch long, so that your stuffing won’t come out. If you’re brave and want to work with a very long strand of embroidery floss, you could go around the three sides at once. Or work with shorter strands and do each side at a time. Run the stitches between a half and full inch in from the edge of the fabric to give room for folding, otherwise the fabric may pucker between the stitches.

tie overhand knots to hold stitches in place

Simple overhand knots should hold the stitches in place. Once you run the full length of a side, follow back through to create a stronger seam. Many of the cheaper and heavier pleathers can fight back from what you’re trying to make it do. Strong seams force the pleather to hold it’s shape. And it will hold it’d shape unlike thinner leathers.

using embroidery floss to hand sew a leather pillow shut

Once the three sides are sewn shut, run a seam about halfway through the fourth side. This should leave plenty of room to flip it outside in and stuff the pillow.

closing seam

If you’re using a heavy fabric, you can fill the pillow with inexpensive polyfill. If you’re using a thinner leather material, you’ll probably be better off using a pillow form since they hold the shape of a pillow unlike polyfill can (at least not without a ton of effort in my own experience!). Sew the seam shut by folding the edges inward, and sewing a simple and tight seam between the two pieces. This part may be visible if it’s not tight enough. If you’re like me, and don’t hand sew very often, you may want to choose a color floss that will blend in better with the pleather.

DIY (faux) leather accent pillow

And with just a little effort, you’ll have a fabulous leather-look accent pillow! If you’re a fan of real wood furniture like myself, a leather pillow can enhance and carry those colors throughout your space!

DIY leather pillow beside 1970s thrifted credenza

Rattan chair with DIY leather (faux) pillow

Loving the thought of adding a leather pillow to your home decor? Pump it up a notch with hand embroidered leather pillows using neon embroidery floss! Come check out the tutorial over at!

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