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I have shared on the blog before the Pinwheel Lunch Reception I planned for a dear friend of mine and her husband. They were married in a private ceremony at the courthouse a few months before but wanted to take a moment to still celebrate with their family and friends.

I have never personally seen the benefit of a traditional guest book with lines of signatures; maybe it’s because I have never seen my parents look at their guest book once. Therefore, I love looking for and coming up with alternative guest book ideas. I have a whole Pinterest board for these ideas.

DIY Guest Book Plate using a Sharpie @ The Love Nerds

For the Pinwheel Lunch Reception, I crafted a decorative plate for guests to sign with the same name design from the invitations. It is important to note the word “decorative”‘; since it was not going to be used for food, I used a Sharpie marker in the directions below. If you want a plate to use with food, a special marker needs to be used. OR you could use a glass plate and decorate on the bottom of the plate.


1. I used some scrap vinyl to cut out their logo. Since I was doing two colors (silver and black), I cut out the design in two different pieces.

DIY Guest Book Plate using a Sharpie @ The Love Nerds

2. I used a sharpie marker and filled in the vinyl stencil. TA-DA!!! It is super easy.

3. Have guests sign the plate with a sharpie marker as well.

4. Put the plate into a cold oven and turn to 350 degrees. After 30 minutes, turn the oven off again and let the plate cool down slowly.

DIY Guest Book Plate using a Sharpie @ The Love Nerds

It is currently sitting on top of their kitchen cabinets as part of their home decor and looks amazing!! It is such an easy process, with the plate coming from Target. Depending on the quality, size, or type of plate, this project could be as inexpensive as $15.


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