Our Fall Bucket List

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Can someone please help me answer this question? How is it October today?! I just do not understand where September went. It is the most cliche thing to say and, yet, I think it might be the most truthful thing – TIME FLIES! In September, Cap welcomed all new residents in the 3 residence halls he oversees, began co-teaching his freshman orientation/intro to Chicago class, had an awful cold, and survived a couple rough nights on call. I QUIT my own part time job tutoring because I didn’t agree with the company’s philosophies and have started TWO – that’s right – TWO new part time jobs. I am loving them and so much happier, but time just seems to keep slipping away unnoticed. Therefore, I decided I wanted to make a FALL Bucket List! If it’s written down, we can’t forget it – right? 😉

Fall Bucket List - Don't let time get the better of you! Make sure to enjoy some classic fall activities! {The Love Nerds} #fallfun #dateideas

Every year we attend a orchard and do as many activities there as possible! It is one of my favorite traditions that we do, and not just in the fall. Ever. The corn maze is a must, plus warm apple donuts and fresh cider. This is also when we buy a bunch of apples for me to bake away! My mom grew up on an orchard and has instilled in me that apples from the orchard are the BEST apples. Hands down. Last year it was really fun because they had a little target practice area where you tried to hit targets with apples flying out of air cannons. AND they had pig races.

Fall Bucket List - The Traditional Visit to the Orchard {The Love Nerds} #fallfun

Have you noticed many of our items are food related? We can’t help it! Fall is full of such amazing flavors; pumpkin and apple are two of my faves! We’ve never hosted a fall brunch before, so that’s a new item this year. After making the Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Casserole last week, I wanted an excuse to make it again! I am hoping to get it in the calendar soon because I know it won’t happen if it’s not scheduled.

What are your favorite Fall activities? 

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