Must Have Items for a Successful Toddler Outing

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OXO Tot. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

Getting out of the house for an outing with my toddler is always an adventure, especially with the new temper tantrums that have begun to rear their ugly heads. I’ve discovered my must have items for a successful toddler outing with him that I never leave the house without, including the best compact stroller from OXO Tot.
Best Compact Stroller for Toddler Outings

What to Bring Along on Your Next Outing with your Toddler

I have been trying to find more activities for my son and I to do during the day because I’ve found that he’s in a better mood overall when he gets time out of the house. Some of our favorite outings right now as a family or just the two of us include trips to the park, zoo, children’s museum, Farmer’s Market, book store, and forest preserve.

Sometimes it feels easier to stay at home, especially when I don’t even like going out with a purse. But through a lot of trial and error, which of course resulted in messy outings, tantrums and headaches on my part, I have found the few essential items I need to get out of the house without feeling like a pack mule.

Best Compact Travel Stroller from Oxo Tot

Toddler Outing Essentials

  1. Snacks
  2. Extra Diapers with Disposal Bag
  3. Extra Set of Clothes
  4. All the Wipes
  5. Drinks for Parents and Kid
  6. Amazing Compact Travel Stroller

Oxo Tot Air Stroller for Outings with your Toddler


This should be an easy one. No one is at their best hangry. Even when our outing is going out to lunch or dinner, I still bring snacks because the time is takes for food to arrive to a table is an eternity to tiny humans. Plus my kid takes after his father and eats all the time, so having that snack is a guarantee for more happy time when we are out and about! My go-to snacks are cereal, fruit snacks or string cheese if we aren’t going to be gone for too long or outside in extreme heat for too long.

Family Outings for a Fun Day with a Toddler


This is another “of course” answer but we have definitely gone out on a family outing before having forgotten diapers. It’s the worst and messiest item to forget. Since we like to go out without the full on diaper bag as much as possible (though we often keep it sitting in the trunk of the car just in case), I have made it a habit to check my diaper clutch to make sure it is stocked with a few diapers, baby wipes, diaper cream and disposable bags.

When I’m traveling super light, which I try to as often as possible when I’m out alone with my toddler, I will toss my little wallet into the diaper clutch as well. It’s big enough to serve as diaper storage and mini purse.


I wrote a whole post recently about how the baby messes just seem to be getting worse as Liam gets older, and that has definitely stayed true. Now that he’s walking and feeding himself, the messes are messier! I try to embrace the messes though because that’s all the fun about taking your toddler out of the house for some adventuring.

Liam is extremely curious and loves to explore, so keeping an extra outfit on hand helps my very type A brain have a solution in case the mess gets so had I don’t want to put him back in the stroller or car seat.

Travel Stroller with Plenty of Storage


Even though I am not a neat freak mom or a germaphobe of a mom, becoming a mom has still made me a hoarder of all the wipes. I like to keep disinfectant wipes, boogie wipes and all natural “paci” wipes on hand. All of them easily stow away in my diaper clutch and just let me be prepared for anything my toddler will throw my way, from dropping his sippy cup in mud to getting sticky food on my cell phone.


Almost as bad as being hangry for me is not having something to drink. I think Liam is following in my foot steps because he will take huge gulps if he hasn’t taken a drink in a while. So having a water bottle (or something with caffeine) for me and his sippy cup of water are always the first things to be packed and ready to go out the door with us.

Stress Free Items to Make Outings with a Toddler Easier


For a long time, we only had our jogging stroller, which we love. We love it for big outdoor adventures where we will be off-roading it, and we love it for my husband’s jogs with Liam. Having one for those two reasons is a must in our lives, but then we started traveling with it and taking it on outings, and we did not love our jogging stroller as much.

We needed something that wouldn’t take up the entire truck when we were going on a road trip, something that more easily navigated stores or crowds, and something that could easily be carried when he decided to walk instead of ride. However, we also needed something that was still comfortable for him, provided enough storage space for our must-have items above, and still protected him from the sun and light rain. We looked for a long time but didn’t find what we needed until the OXO Tot Air Stroller.

Best Umbrella Stroller for Families

OXO Tot Air Stroller meets all of our needs. It’s lightweight with a super quick fold process, folding down to around backpack size with a carrying strap that I love because it helps me be more easily on the move with my toddling son.

This compact stroller also has a durable aluminum frame that will grow with Liam up to 55 pounds and a large, expandable canopy that even has a peek-a-boo window (similar to what I love on my jogging stroller). Rain or shine, the stroller has Liam protected! Plus, the storage basket is an amazing size, with room for all of the things above and the diaper bag or my purse if wanted. So many smaller strollers that we looked at were missing this storage space, and I don’t know how parents could manage without it!

Lightweight Stroller Perfect for Family Outings

I could not be happier with this stroller choice and definitely believe it’s the best compact travel stroller. No more road trips with our jogging stroller for us! I’m not surprised we love it though since I’ve been trusting OXO in my home for a long time.

Because yes, OXO Tot is the same OXO that makes amazing pantry storage and must have kitchen gadgets. OXO isn’t just for your kitchen though; they make great kid and family products we love like this stroller, high chairs, and sippy cups.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OXO Tot Air Stroller. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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