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I’ve been thinking about weddings a lot as I work to launch The Love Nerds Event Boutique, especially my own wedding. I know I have shared many pictures of our wedding with all of you and you may even be sick of them, but I wanted to take a moment to thank two woman who were such an important part of my day – Kelly Vanderploeg and Faye Licari. These two women were our wedding photographers and I cannot say enough positive things about them – they are kind, funny, intuitive, smart, gorgeous, and talented. I knew that our wedding day was in good hands which allowed me to have fun and not worry about which pictures were being taken. From our engagement pictures with Kelly to our wedding with both Kelly and Faye, I have always been ecstatic with the artistry of the pictures.

Love Nerd Engagement by Kelly Vanderploeg Photography

I met Kelly when I was a little girl. She is the same age as my brother so 8 years older than me; she was the cool high school cheerleader, and I was the little blonde girl following around my brother and his friends. I thought she was pretty cool. Plus, she was really nice to me.

Then, almost 2o years later, I was engaged, and my mom mentioned running into Kelly around town. She pulled out her business card from her address book – I love the fact that my mom has a traditional address book by the way and keeps business cards in the front – and I added her onto my “Research these Photographers” list. Her site was the only one I kept coming back to her. Her pictures are bright and colorful; they capture the small details the happy couple crafted for their day and show the love and joy of the day. In one word – they are captivating.

Love Nerd Engagement by Kelly Vanderploeg Photography Maggie Bryan_83

Not wanting to overwhelm Bryan with choices, I only showed him three photographers without telling him about my personal history with Kelly. Without a doubt in his voice, he picked her. I did my little happy dance and emailed her.

The first line of her response to me: “Maggie!!!  Are you old enough to get married??? 😀  You are only 6 years old!” SOLD! I loved the idea of having someone my family and I knew shooting our wedding; I was looking to personalize our wedding as much as possible. With that said, even if I had not known Kelly since I was little, I would have chosen her. Meeting her again for the first time in so many years was like talking with a friend. I knew I could ask her any question throughout the entire process. I am convinced that everyone that meets her, loves her.

A Love Nerd Wedding - Photographs by Kelly Vanderploeg and Faye Licari A Love Nerd Wedding - Photographs by Kelly Vanderploeg and Faye Licari A Love Nerd Wedding - Photographs by Kelly Vanderploeg and Faye Licari

The best part? Her fabulous co-photographer on the day of my wedding. Faye Licari went to school with my brother and Kelly as well, so my family knew her instantly as well. While Faye isn’t always Kelly’s second photographer, they are the perfect team. You want to trust the second photographer as much as the first, and I had so much faith in Faye’s talent. She was fabulous with the guys, getting perfect shots of Bryan and his side and even lending her own bracelet to Bryan’s Best Lady for a nerdy superhero photo.

A Love Nerd Wedding - Photographs by Kelly Vanderploeg and Faye Licari

Please check out these fabulous ladies and like their Facebook pages for me! And don’t use location as an excuse – both are open to travel! When you click on the link to Kelly’s site, you will even see a thumbnail of Bryan and I from our engagement pictures!

Kelly Vanderploeg Photography     |     Kelly Vanderploeg Photograph FACEBOOK

Photography by Faye Licari     |     Photography by Faye Licari FACEBOOK



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