A Nerdy T-Shirt Collection – 8 Awesome Shirts for the Nerd at Heart

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We have a lot of nerdy clothes in our household, especially my husband. He loves to dress up for work in a shirt and tie but then he comes home and out comes Optimus Prime, Captain America and Assassin’s Creed. Many of these shirts have come from TeeFury. TeeFury is fantastic because it offers unique “nerd” shirts – some funny, some throwbacks, and some crossovers. For example, I have a shirt that says “Les Wizerables”, which portrays Hermione Granger with a wand in the Les Miserable poster.

hermione granger meets les miserables

I thought I would share with all of you some of our favorite nerdy shirts being offered on TeeFury right now and they range from The Princess Bride to Breaking Bad. I think my favorite one right now is the Star Wars mix with Gustav Klimt’s “Kiss”. I love that painting and I love Star Wards.     

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Raven t-shirt - gorgeous design that is not obviously nerdy. Perfect for anyone who loves the Game of Thrones series. #teefury

Send a Raven

Night's Watch - Perfect Game of Thrones Tshirt. Gorgeous design offered in Black and White on Tee fury

Night’s Watch


Dr Who meets Alice and Wonderland, perfect combo shirt for nerds

Falling: Alice meets Dr Who

David Tennant as the 10th of hearts

David Tennant as the Tenth of Hearts


star wars kiss

Gustav Klimt “Kiss” Meets Han and Leia 


Tee Fury offers The Princess Bride shirt - "Hello, My Name is Inigo"

Hello! My name is Inigo! 


Captain Mal firefly shirt - you cant take the sky from me

You Can’t Take the Sky From Me 

Captain Mal firefly tshirt from TeeFury

Captain Tight Pants Delivery – Captain Mal Shirt

*I am an affiliate of TeeFury, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Bryan and I love TeeFury, and he is currently begging me to buy the Raven shirt for Game of Thrones.


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