Ultimate Gift Guide for the Nerds in your Life

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Whether you are shopping for a nerd who loves Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones or even Outlander, we have you covered with this Ultimate Nerdy Gift Guide! 


With a name like The Love Nerds, it’s probably pretty obvious that we are big nerds in this house. At our wedding, my best friend commented in her toast how Bryan and I combine for the couple with the most nerdy interests, and she is probably pretty spot on. We cover a lot of nerdy fandoms, many of which we share like Harry Potter and comic book heroes and many of which we don’t. I have just never gotten into Anime or Pokemon!

So together we thought we would start creating an Ultimate Nerdy Gift Guide for all of you! It’s perfect for Christmas shopping but really can be used all year long for baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries and just because gifts. Our goal is to have gift ideas for all the nerds in your life!

The list is definitely a work in progress though, so make sure you add a comment below with a fandom you would like to see covered so we can start doing the hard leg work for you!

But before we get to the lists below, you might be also be interested in checking out our posts on Best 2 Player Games, Best Video Games for Couples or our ultimate list of nerdy baby books!

Looking for a particular Gift Guide? Below you’ll find the following categories in this order. Feel free to scroll down to get to your preferred nerdy gift guide!

  • Harry Potter Gift Guide
  • Star Wars Gift Guide
  • Marvel Gift Guide
  • DC Gift Guide
  • Game of Thrones Gift Guide

Whether you are shopping for a nerd who loves Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones or even Outlander, we have you covered with this Ultimate Nerdy Gift Guide! Gift Ideas for Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, DC Comics, Outlander, Game of Thrones and more! | THE LOVE NERDS #christmasgiftguides #giftguide


If this nerdy heart ever had to choose just one fandom, it would definitely be Harry Potter, and it’s usually an easy choice if people are looking for gift ideas for me. I have Harry Potter jewelry, clothes, scarves, and decor items, and I love them all! With such a diverse universe that is still going with the current Fantastic Beasts movie series, it’s easy to find something for everyone.

For the food and kitchen Harry Potter fans, consider some cool morphing Harry Potter mugs, the unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, or humorous wine glasses. There is even a whole line of William and Sonoma Harry Potter kitchen and food items you don’t want to miss. You can send a whole Harry Potter Gift Crate filled with fun items or pick up Hogwarts school crest cookie cutters, a Hedwig cookie jar, Snitch ice molds perfect for cocktails, and cooking utensils for every house – Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin!

Looking for Harry Potter kid gifts? The Harry Potter Lego line is always a good choice with both a smaller 878 piece Hogwarts Lego set and a large 6020 pieces Hogwarts Lego set for the enthusiasts. I also love this Hermione 18″ doll clothes set!

If you have someone in your life looking for Harry Potter jewelry and accessories, check out this Harry Potter Maurader’s Map Infinity Viscose Scarf, Harry Potter earrings set, or gorgeous tote bag!

Oh, and if you are looking for luggage, school backpacks or lunch boxes, bedroom decor or Harry Potter Nursery items, you do not want to miss the Pottery Barn Harry Potter Line. In fact, we’re loving many of the items for baby #2’s bedroom, like these Enchanted Owl and Snitch crib sheets, Golden Snitch pillow, Snitch Table Lamp, and Hedwig Anywhere Chair.

Lastly, looking for Harry Potter Stocking Stuffers?! These are great options! 

This is just the beginning though of Harry Potter Gift Ideas! Head over to our HARRY POTTER GIFT GUIDE on Amazon where you can see almost 100 ideas that cover ideas for babies, kids, adults, home, kitchen, games, accessories, and more!


Bryan was pretty excited when we became friends and started dating that I have always been a Star Wars fan. I grew up watching the movies with my family and have always been a big Leia fan, but I definitely am beat out by Bryan in terms of fandom knowledge. He reads the books, watches space naval explanation videos and loves Star War ship schematics. This Star Wars Gift Guide definitely includes ideas for the hard core enthusiasts like Bryan and the more common fans like me!

For the Star Wars Foodies, consider Leia and Han Wine Glasses, Death Star Molds perfect for ice or chocolate, a Death Star wine bottle stopper, and a Star Wars Cookbook! For myself, I really want this R2D2 Measuring Cup Set and this Millenium Falcon Waffle Maker; it’s a fun way to incorporate a little Star Wars fun into your morning without any extra work. Plus, it would be perfect for a Star Wars party. William and Sonoma has a collection of kitchen items for Star Wars, too! My favorite are these Star Wars Pop Molds, R2D2 Kids Apron and Cookie Cutter Kit, Etched Darth Vader glasses with ice mold, and the Star Wars Gift Crate filled with goodies!

And, just like for Harry Potter, Pottery Barn has a collection of school, bedroom and home decor items for Star Wars. There is a Death Star Bean Bag, fuzzy Chewbacca pillow, Death Star Book Ends, and even crib sheets!

For book enthusiasts, there are a lot of Star War Books for readers of all ages! For babies and young kids, check out Obi-123, 5 Minute Star Wars Stories, or Star Wars Golden Book Collection.

There are also lots of games from Star Wars Catchphrase, Guess Who and Monopoly to more hard core Star Wars games like Star Wars Rebellion and Star Wars Armada.

Looking for Star Wars Stocking Stuffer Ideas?! Here are a few great ideas! 

There are a lot more Star Wars Gift Ideas though for you to check out! Head over to our STAR WARS GIFT GUIDE on Amazon where you can see over 60 ideas so far that cover ideas for babies, kids, adults, home, kitchen, games, accessories, and more!


The Marvel Universe has become a huge, diverse fandom that encompasses comic books, children books, movies, tv shows and more! In fact, nerds of every level can usually find something that they like of Marvel (or of DC comics below).

In this house, not only are Bryan and I fans of Marvel, Liam is also becoming a toddler Marvel Nerd! So if you are shopping for babies or toddlers in your life who might enjoy Marvel super heroes (or their parents do), here are some of Liam’s favorites: character pajamas, Marvel Electronic Reader, Marvel 5 Minute Stories, Night Night Groot picture book, and superhero cookie cutters (because who doesn’t love cookies PLUS their favorite heroes?)! This Avengers Magnetic Scene toy is also on our list for Liam; it makes a perfect car toy!

If looking to decorate your kid’s room for Marvel, you thankfully have plenty of options these days, including the Pottery Barn Kids Marvel collection with Avengers sheets and duvet. They even have a Spiderman bean bag chair that Liam would be obsessed with right now; he is loving Spiderman.

Marvel Stocking Stuffer Ideas: 

This is only a brief look at Marvel Gift Ideas though so make sure to check out our MARVEL GIFT GUIDE on Amazon where you can see over 200 ideas. That’s right – over 200! We have you covered for ideas for every age and tons of characters, so there should be something for everyone!


When talking about superhero nerd life, we can’t leave out DC! I would say that I am definitely a bigger Marvel Universe nerd, but I’m also a really big Batman and Wonder Woman fan! Plus, one of our favorite video games to play together as a couple is DC Injustice; because of this game, I do also really love Aquaman and can’t wait for the movie!

Liam loves his DC superheroes just has much as his Marvel heroes, so here are a few of his favorites that make great DC gifts for babies and kids. First, there is this Batman Duplo set kept him entertained for over an hour the first time he opened it and he still plays with it all the time. Second is Bedtime for Batman which is one of Bryan’s favorite bedtime stories, too, and goes well with Liam’s Batman teddy bear and Flash teddy bear that we bought before he was born. Lastly, we spend a lot of time reading First Book of Girl Power!

DC is also the focus of one of Bryan and I’s favorite games to play: DC Deck Building Game. (Want more great two player games, check our post about favorite couples’ games!)

DC Stocking Stuffer Ideas: 

With over 100 ideas, you’ll want to check out our DC GIFT GUIDE on Amazon. We’ve included DC gift ideas for every age and a whole lot of DC heroes and villains!


Long before Harry Potter came into my life, my first nerd fandom was Disney, and it has stayed a love of mine all this time. I’m definitely a Disney nerd and thankfully so is Bryan and now Liam! It’s fun sharing all our childhood favorites with him and seeing him develop his own favorites, which are currently Frozen, Moana, and Coco!

Disney Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

We have added over 100 ideas so far to our DISNEY GIFT GUIDE, including a lot of Mickey Mouse and gang items as well as other characters!


With the new and last season of Game of Thrones coming up soon, Game of Thrones nerd life is definitely on high these days. You have fans like us who have read all the Song of Fire and Ice books and are anxiously waiting for him to finish the books (I’m terrified this won’t happen) or you have fans who are just invested in the series. Whoever you are shopping for, we have Game of Thrones gift ideas everyone can love!

Game of Thrones Stocking Stuffers: 

Check out our GAME OF THRONES GIFT GUIDE on Amazon to see a lot of Game of Thrones gift ideas.

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