Easy Date Night with DIY Couple’s Jeopardy

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Head to Walmart’s Hot Deli while you are in store next picking up essentials and make dinner prep or 4th of July planning simple! Then, print off our new DIY Couple’s Jeopardy and make it an easy and fun date night after the kids go to sleep!

White Oval Plate with 8 piece fried chicken sitting on a bright aqua and pink napkin in front of a DIY Jeopardy board

As with everyone these days, we have been spending all of our time at home. I’m honestly loving the time were getting as a family of 4 with Bryan working from home and am sad for our boys when he heads back to the office, but the days definitely feel longer and tougher.

Which means that the time we spend together as a couple isn’t always quality time. Nights are often spent falling asleep to a movie or doing our individual hobbies because we need a little more space after being stuck in a house for weeks.

Basically, it just feels like time has been undistinguishable – a very long 3 month blur in which I have spent a LOT of time preparing food. So we are always on the look out for little opportunities to do something different and spend more meaningful time together, especially with the 4th of July right around the corner, too.

Walmart’s Hot Deli with their 8 piece fried chicken and yummy sides helped us do just that with the addition of a new and FREE DIY couple’s game for you all – Couple’s Jeopardy! Couple’s Scattergories and the Not So Newlywed Game are so popular on the site that I thought it was time to branch out and create new games. I’m so excited!

Wanting to add other new games to your game cabinet? We have shared all of our favorite two player games with you!

Fried Chicken Dinner on a white oval plate with two side bowls nearby filled with macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes.


I was running into Walmart with my mask because that is how we roll these days for our weekly essentials and checked out the hot deli section while I was there. I picked up an 8 piece Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese.

If you feel anything similar to me, I feel like all I’ve been doing for the last 6 weeks is food prep, so I will take ANY chance to make my day a little easier in that department.

Even Liam is appreciative of a break in the routine and called this a “super special” meal because it was something I brought home for him. Little things can really make an entire day feel brighter.

Plus, I can only eat so many peanut butter and jellies.

We’re currently planning on picking up more fried chicken for the 4th of July. I know everyone is starting to feel a little anxious about the holiday coming up and how to celebrate.

Fried Chicken breasts and wings with a side of macaroni and cheese

Whether you will be celebrating with the same family members you’ve been with daily for the last 3 months or plan on having grandparents or a couple neighbors over for a small gathering, finding small ways to make it special is important! We need to create special moments to celebrate and relax.

Making a fried chicken picnic is the perfect answer for us, especially when we’ll be spending the day in the backyard – swimming, playhouse, picnic and s’mores at night is a nice holiday for my family. Liam has already asked if he can have his picnic at his new kid size picnic table!

Consider even picking up extra fried chicken while you are there or grabbing a rotisserie chicken so that you have leftovers to make meal prep in the following days easier and quicker! Want ideas for using leftover chicken? I have a whole round up of leftover chicken meals because they are a staple in our house.

Whether you are purchasing for your small 4th of July gathering or just your weekly date night, you will definitely want to pick up some side dishes, too! Mashed potatoes and mac and cheese are both ultimate comfort foods, so they were the perfect Friday night dinner after a long week of work, homeschooling, and house projects.

The mashed potatoes are made with real potatoes, milk and butter – simple but delicious with REAL ingredients. So is the signature mac and cheese! It’s made with Semolina pasta, milk and 5 cheeses. We all devoured the dish. I mean, who doesn’t love a really good mac and cheese?

Plated chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and mac and cheese with a homemade jeopardy game propped up behind


While eating, we enjoyed Couple’s Jeopardy! As always, we play our homemade date night games with little competitiveness. Our goals are to laugh, reconnect and hopefully learn something new. I definitely didn’t know a few things as well as I thought I did, and I MADE the game.

Want to do a couples’ night with your friends?! This game is perfect for a small 4th of July get together or even over Zoom. Just have one couple make the board and be responsible for tracking points.

DIY Couple's Jeopardy printable on a white tabletop with question and category cards


  • Ten category sheets for you with point values and questions, plus a bonus sheet for making your own Jeopardy questions if you want.
  • Each category sheet has 5 questions ($100-$500) and a title card to place on the top of the board.


  1. To prep the game, you will need to print the category sheets you want to use.
  2. Cut out the title card and then the category questions into 5 horizontal strips, keeping the point value attached to the question on its right.
  3. Fold the point value and question strips in half, keeping the point values facing up.
  4. If you want to get fancy, you can attach the cards to foam board to make a Jeopardy Game Board. If not, lay out your titles and cards in order on the table in front of you. Categories are color coordinated to help you keep it together correctly.

Homemade Couple's Jeopardy printed out and taped onto a blue foam board with 5 categories across and 5 questions down each


Pick a category and dollar amount! For example, “The Way We Were for $400”.

The “host” or your partner will read the text on the card and you must answer in the form of a question. For example, “What is….” Or “Who is…”

If you get it correct, you get to keep the card and the points.

If you get it wrong, your partner has the chance to steal the points by answering the question. They must answer about their partner though, NOT for themselves.

The game is played until all the questions are answered! The person with the most points wins!

REMEMBER this is supposed to be a fun date night activity. Try not to get too competitive or nitpicky with answers!


This is an easy game to play with other couples both in person or online. I have 3 suggestions for team formations below. If concerned about “cheating” at all, do it newlywed style and have both partners answer the question down to see if it matches.

  1. Individual Person Teams – This is easier to manage with only two couples and therefore 4 teams.
  2. Couple Teams: Each couple is on a team together. They trade on and off having to answer the question.
  3. Couple Competition: Divide partners onto two different teams in whichever way you want to divide – women vs. men, short sticks, abcs, etc.

If playing online, having one household be responsible for the board is suggested. Create baskets or a board where you can place each team’s earned points as you go.

Up close shot of DIY Jeopardy categories printed, cut out and taped onto a bright blue foam board


Don’t forget to head to the hot deli on your next essentials run into Walmart to pick up some fried chicken and delicious sides! If you decide to use it to create an easy 4th of July picnic, tag me on social media to let me know!

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