Simple Basil Lemonade Cocktail

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Homemade cocktails don’t need to be complicated to be delicious or impressive, like this simple Basil Lemonade Cocktail! It’s easy to make and is a refreshing twist on a vodka lemonade cocktail!

Tall thin glass sits in the bottom right corner the photo and is filled with square ice cubes, fresh basil leaves, and vodka lemonade with a white straw with colorful polka dots and a lemon wedge as a garnish.


While I really love making batches of sangria or my personal favorite cocktail – Moscow mules, sometimes I want something different and really, really easy to enjoy on a warm summer night.

And you can’t get much better than a lemonade based cocktail for summer!

Vodka lemonades have been a favorite of mine since college. They were always easy, delicious and refreshing!

This is an elevated twist on vodka lemonades, bringing in the rich, aromatic basil to enhance the flavor.

Now, I know the first time I was introduced to basil in lemonade, I was a little skeptical. A friend of Bryan’s brought everything to our house for a fun game night, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The basil provides a sweet and peppery addition to the tart lemonade. It really does work! Plus, the basil adds amazing aromatics to the cocktail!

Don’t drink alcohol? You can easily make this as a Basil Lemonade Mocktail, otherwise known as a normal Basil Lemonade! I definitely made this a few times when pregnant for a fun at home drink recipe.

Tall skinny highball glass is filled with basil lemonade, vodka, and square ice cubes with a lemon wedge garnish that is on a colorful polkadot paper straw. A bright plaid napkin sits on the table behind it as well as half a lemon and basil leaves out of focus.


If you can do a little bit of muddling, you can make this simple basil lemonade cocktail. Not complicated at all! Here is what you need and what to do with those things!


  • LEMONADE – I prefer using a light lemonade to cut back on sugar.
  • ICE


  1. Place basil leaves at the bottom of your desired glass and gently muddle.
  2. Add ice, vodka and lemonade to glass.
  3. Stir and garnish with lemon wedges and basil if desired.
  4. Enjoy!

Like I said, easy peasy with only 3 ingredients and 3 steps!

Straight down shot onto a white wood plank table and a brightly colored plaid napkin in pinks, purples, yellows and aqua with lemon wedges sitting out of focus and a skinny round glass filled with basil lemonade and topped with a polkadot paper straw, basil leaves, and a lemon wedge.


Technically you don’t need anything special to make this drink. With that said though, I do find it easier to make with a simple cocktail set. Here’s why!

First, I always prefer measuring my liquor with a jigger for all my cocktails. It’s the easiest way for me to know what I’m putting in each drink. My husband is definitely more a pour and see kind of person.

Second, using an actual muddler makes muddling a lot easier. You can use the end of a wooden spoon or the handle of a rolling pin instead.

You can see my two favorite suggestions below!

3 PIECE BAR SET: If you are going to make simple cocktails, this is my favorite bar set. It has a jigger, a muddler, and a trident cocktail stirrer. This last one means it has a mini “spoon” shape on one end like a traditional stirrer and a forked shape on the other. 

LARGE BAR SET: If you are going to be getting into more sophisticated cocktail recipes, including anything that needs to be shaken or strained, than I suggest upgrading to the full bar set. I love having everything on hand. You never know when you want to try something new! 


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Put a fun twist on lemonade with this Basil Lemonade Cocktail recipe! It’s a refreshing summer cocktail that is super simple to make. You won’t regret sipping on this easy vodka lemonade recipe! | THE LOVE NERDS #cocktailrecipe #summercocktail #lemonaderecipe


Basil Lemonade Cocktail

Basil Lemonade Cocktail

Yield: 1 drink
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

Put a fun twist on lemonade with this Basil Lemonade Cocktail recipe and have a refreshing summer cocktail that is super simple to make. You won’t regret sipping on this easy vodka lemonade recipe!


  • 1.5 ounces vodka (1 large jigger)
  • 6 ounces light lemonade
  • Fresh Basil Leaves
  • Ice


  1. Muddle 1 or 2 fresh basil leaves at the bottom of desired cocktail glass.
  2. Add ice.
  3. Add vodka and fill remaining with lemonade (around 6 ounces).
  4. Gently stir and top with lemon wedge or basil sprig if desired as a garnish.

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