The Girl on Fireball Cocktail

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Celebrate Katniss Everdeen with this Hunger Games inspired cocktail – The Girl on Fireball Cocktail! OR just celebrate your love of perfect fall cocktail recipes and combine a hard apple cider with spiced Fireball Whiskey! 

Low square cocktail glass with brown liquor and fresh apple slices sit in front of a stack of Hunger Games books on a white wood tabletop

Katniss Everdeen Would Love this Girl on Fireball Cocktail!

Hi, Hunger Games Nerds! I am starting a new series on the blog called Literary Libations and I honestly can’t think of a better one to kick us off than The Girl on Fireball!

If there is any doubt, I am totally a Katniss Everdeen fangirl (oh, and I should also just get it out there that I am definitely Team Peeta).

I feel like Suzanne Collins offered us something that can often be lacking in literature and movies – strong, interesting and complicated female characters.

Katniss isn’t perfect – but there is something in her fallibility that makes it hard to look away.

Fireball Whisky mixed with angry orchard hard cider sits in a square old fashioned glass garnished with apple slices and sitting in front of the Hunger Game Books

Fallibility should be celebrated. I know this sounds strange but go with me here for a minute.

We humans tend to push down vulnerability and mistakes. We become embarrassed, even angry when our mistakes or flaws are discussed.

But to be flawed is to be human so to have great characters means to write flawed characters.

We connect with Katniss because we understand her emotional drive. We understand why she races out and yells: “I volunteer as tribute”!

We understand why she often reverts inward to shield herself from her own fear as well as the emotions of others around her.

And we understand the struggle over Peeta and Gale because we have also struggled with deciding who is better for us.

Katniss and all of her struggles and fallibility should be celebrated – so we will start with a fun literary cocktail in her honor.

Girl on Fireball is the perfect tribute for her because it combines something a bit strong and spiced with something a little sweeter!

All three hunger games books sits in a stack on a white wood tabletop next to a hunger games inspired fireball cocktail with fireball whisky and hard apple cider named Girl on Fireball that is garnished with red apple slices


Fireball Whisky is a cinnamon whisky that offers a spicy kick to a traditional whiskey. It originates from Canada back in the 1980s which is why it isn’t spelled with the “e”. It’s a Canadian thing!

And yes, it is made with real cinnamon to get its famous spiced flavor!

I feel like people either love Fireball Whisky and have known about it forever, or people have no idea what the heck it is. And a lot of the people that do love it, have no idea what to do with it.

My husband might like sipping on it straight but not everyone falls into the same boat, me included.

My favorite Fireball drink is this super easy fall cocktail recipe. I combine a shot of Fireball Whiskey with my favorite bottle of hard cider and get the perfect spiced cider drink!

Fireball Cocktails don’t have to be complicated to be delicious!


For this recipe, we are mixing Fireball with hard apple cider. The cinnamon flavor pairs perfectly with apple and other fruit ciders. It’s a natural combination as you bake with fruit and cinnamon all the time.

If you don’t want the extra alcohol from a hard cider or don’t have any at home, you could also mix the fireball whisky with apple juice. It’s a little sweeter in my opinion and a little heavier feeling, but I don’t drink a lot of juice so my opinion is probably a little skewed. 

You can also adding the fireball whisky to drink recipes you already love: hot toddies, hot chocolate, guinness, or horchata.

Looking for even more ideas? Look up a ton of great recipe suggestions on the Fireball Whisky website!


In my opinion, Girl on Fireball is a perfect fireball drink recipe for summer and fall! 

It is great for summer because it’s mixed with cold apple cider, which is chilled and refreshing. Ciders are definitely a summer drink in my book. 

So why does it work for fall? I will always think of apples and apple cider when I think of fall, so adding in the fireball and the great cinnamon kick makes this also perfect as a fall drink recipe!

Celebrate Katniss Everdeen with this Hunger Games inspired cocktail - The Girl on Fireball Cocktail! OR just celebrate your love of perfect fall cocktail recipes and combine spiced Fireball Whiskey with tasty cider! | THE LOVE NERDS #fireballwhiskey #fallcocktail



Time to Make this Super Easy Fireball Cocktail with Hard Cider!

The Girl on Fireball Cocktail

The Girl on Fireball Cocktail

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes

Celebrate Katniss Everdeen with this Hunger Games inspired fireball cocktail - The Girl on Fireball! OR just celebrate your love of perfect fall cocktail recipes and combine spiced Fireball with hard cider! 


  • 1 bottle of hard cider
  • 1 shot Fireball Whiskey


  1. Slowly pour the two together to reduce any foam. Enjoy!


If you are looking to cut sugar in your cocktail recipe, look for a low sugar hard cider to enjoy. Angry Orchard makes a reduced sugar cider that I like using for cocktails.

Nutrition Information:
Yield: 1 Serving Size: 12 ounces
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 306Total Fat: 0gSaturated Fat: 0gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 0gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 15mgCarbohydrates: 32gFiber: 0gSugar: 32gProtein: 0g

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