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Where are my Shark Week fans?! Shark parties make the perfect summer birthday party or pool party theme, especially during Shark Week! We’ve got you covered with drink recipes, snack ideas, and even fun party games! 

A blue party table sits in front of light and dark blue streamers behind with a open mouth shark head cut out rest on the table and lots of ocean themed food on the table like gold fish, swedish fish and gummy worms

Colorful Red and Blue Shark Party for Summer!

When I began planning our wedding, I discovered something about myself – I really love planning events. I love the little details that bring a theme to life or tie in a color scheme.

Party planning brings together the Type A, detailed oriented aspects of my personality as well as my creative side as I craft and bake myself to a fun party.

I always take any opportunity I can to get a little crafty with both decor and food choices, and with Shark Week coming, I was ready to start planning this fun Shark Party.

As a kid, I was obsessed with sharks and still am a little bit. I found them and all ocean life fascinating and would love to read up on them.

Shark Week is always a highlight for me every year. There is so much shark fun happening that I couldn’t possibly pass it up. I honestly can’t wait to share this love with my little boys soon! 

Some people might see Shark Party and automatically think boy party. Not true! I would have loved this party theme as a little girl, especially with these fun aqua colors.

Shark Head with a large open mouth rests on grass with bean bags in front. A table with aqua blue table cloth sits behind it with food, drinks, and a sign that says Live Every Week Like Shark Week.


To add a look of water, I created a blue water backdrop from 3 different blue plastic table clothes. It makes an inexpensive but dramatic effect. 

I made this tablecloth backdrop by taping the three layers together length wise and making 3 inch wide strips with at least a 5 inch order at the top to make it easier to manage later.

Then, I braid the strips together in about 5 inch sections, letting them hang loose after the braid. 

I also decided to add a “life preserver” to the table as part of the water theme because I wanted a pop of red over the table.

I took a white styrofoam wreath and pinned 4 red strips of paper to the wreath. You could always use red burlap or ribbon to make the look. 

The shark head seen on the table was made for the bean bag toss game below but also served as great shark decor in the meantime. 

Easy and inexpensive table cloth backdrop made from 3 different colors of blue plastic tablecloths that have been cut into 3 inch strips and braided at the top


In choosing food for the party, I had two focuses:

  1. Color
  2. Water Theme.

Gold fish makes it really easy with lots of flavors and colors, including dessert gold fish. For a “Fish Bar”, I included Original and Garlic Parmesan Gold Fish as well as Swedish Fish.

Under “Fish Bait”, I put out gummy worms. Get it?! 

I also made a “Shark Bait” Party Popcorn Mix as a dessert treat! You can see the Party Popcorn Recipe here. Trail mixes or party mixes are some of my favorite recipes to make for parties because they are so easy to toss together and make either great leftovers or great good bags at the end. 

Plus, I made an Ocean Water Blue Punch! This punch is regularly one of my most visited posts! 

Glass jars sitting on an aqua blue tablecloth filled with colorful gummy worms, red and white peppermints, white and orange gold fish, and red swedish fish for an ocean themed party A row of mason jars filled with a blue punch and topped off with a logo on the front that says Ocean Water and a red and white striped straw resting in the jar Aqua Blue popcorn boxes labeled as Shark Bait sits in a row with one tipped over and its contents laying in front on the table - popcorn, goldfish, blue chocolates and sprinkles.


I don’t really believe in crazy favors. I think it’s another way to add too many dollar signs to a party budget, but I do love giving away a few things.

I put together shark mason jars filled with some candy plus bough $.99 “Sea Urchins” from the party store. They serve as both favor and decor.

The plastic sea urchins in the jar also serve multiple purposes as decor, favor and even game item! It’s easy to use them as toss items for games since they are light and soft to throw. 

Colorful gummy candies inside mini mason jars with a paper cut out shark fin on the top Blue soft plastic sea urchins sits in a plastic clear jar on the back with mini mason jars in rows at the front filled with candy gummies and topped with a paper shark fin. Soft blue plastic urchin monsters from the dollar store fill a clear plastic jar that is labeled with a sea urchins label on the front.


I made a Shark Toss Game for the party out of a large styrofoam board that was a ton of fun! Everyone wants to “feed” the shark.

I penciled a shark head shape onto the board and then cut it out, painting it gray afterwards except for the teeth, of course.

Use small bags to toss into the shark’s mouth. Even better if you could find fish shaped bags to toss.

You could also purchase PIN THE FIN ON THE SHARK! Easy and quick game idea the kids will love. 


Creating a DIY Shark Party is not always possible and especially not for every single detail. Sometimes we just need fun, easy shark decorations for our party to magically arrive on our doorstep, preferably with prime. 

Chomp Chomp Party Supplies – Includes tablecloth, centerpiece, banner, tableware and birthday sticker for the guest of honor! 

Shark Zone Party Supplies – This set has no decor but it does have amazing tableware! It will look perfect added to your own party supplies or added for a simple celebration. 

Shark Balloons – Latex balloons with sharks printed on them in a few great blue colors! 

Decorative Shark Banner – The banner is made from card stock sharks and blue paper circles that are sewn onto sturdy thread. It looks like a handmade DIY garland without the work. Perfect for decorating a cake table or hanging in the background for photos. 

Shark Lollipops – Cute lollipops make a great party favor and could also be used as a cupcake topper! Think how could it would be for their little heads to pop up over the icing. 

Shark Piñata – This fun shark piñata works perfect as party decorations and party game! 


Want some free printables for your own party? Make sure to download now! There are a couple different sign options plus an empty label template you can use for your own food titles.


Live Every Week Like It's Shark Week - Throw a fun Shark Party with lots of ocean themed party details. It’s the perfect summer birthday party theme or pool party idea! Plus download free printables! | The Love Nerds #summerparty


  1. Melissa says

    September 19, 2016 at 3:37 pm

    Love this shark party! How did you do the wave backdrop? It seems so simple but can’t get the ties right. Help please!

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